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This gallery ensures that an historic docklands building remains in use, as well as providing a space for artists and craftworkers to display their creations.

The building was erected in 1868 as St Nicholas’ Church, where seamen from around the world could worship or meditate regardless of their Christian denomination. The Seamen’s Mission in Swansea was established in the 1850s as the docks expanded rapidly. Initially the mission used a rudimentary hut.

St Nicholas’ Church became a warehouse soon after the First World War. The mission was then based in a building nearer to the larger docks which had been created east of the river Tawe.

In 1977 the former church became the art gallery of Swansea Arts Workshop, run by volunteers from the Association of Artists and Designers in Wales. In 1992 the gallery became independent, with the closure of the AADW, and six years later was renamed Mission Gallery.

The gallery is now run by a not-for-profit company and exhibits work by artists and craft workers from Wales and around the world. It also gives Swansea art and design students the opportunity to show their work.

Since 2003 Mission Gallery has received Arts Council of Wales funding to support its programme of exhibitions. In 2012 the ACW also funded conversion of the first floor into a space for educational activities for schools and other groups.

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