The Three Tuns Inn, Chepstow

The Three Tuns Inn, 32 Bridge Street

This building is thought to date from the early 17th century and to have been a pub for most of its existence. A tun is a large wooden cask for beer or wine.

Behind the building is a former bakehouse, built in the 18th or 19th centuries. Most of its interior is taken up by a large faggot oven (which would have been heated using faggots, burning bundles of twigs). According to local lore, this oven may have been built to provide bread for the castle, which is a short distance away behind the Three Tuns. Cadw, the historic monuments body, has suggested it dates from the late 15th or early 16th century. The Royal Commission on the Historic and Ancient Monuments of Wales says the public probably had access to the bakehouse, which was once a detached building.

Sale particulars from 1899 disclose that the inn was entered by a broad, stone-flagged passage  adjoined a cottage. There was stabling for horses, a trap house for carriages and a yard with a gate opening towards the castle entrance.

The current owners have restored the Three Tuns as a pub and guest house. Displayed on a wall by the guest rooms are the remnants of a recruitment poster for marines to fight against Spain. The poster may date from the 18th century and was found under floorboards during the building’s refurbishment.

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