Carrog war memorial

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Carrog war memorial

This memorial commemorates local people who died in the First and Second World Wars. See below for their details. We have included some people who are not named on the memorial but were connected to the Carrog area.

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First World War

  • T Ogwen Davies, Private 624817. Died 21/09/1917. Canadian Infantry 8th Bn. Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery Extension.
  • Alexander Lionel Grice, Civilian. Died 09/01/1941, aged 38. Air Raid Warden. Son of Philip and Madeline Hazelhurst Grice, of Fedw Cottage, Carrog; husband of Norah Grice, of 94 Burford Lane, Lymm, Cheshire. Died at Sandy Lane public shelter, Lymm. Not named on Carrog war memorial.
  • Wynn Griffith, Officer's Steward 2nd Class, L/8996. Died 20/10/1918, aged 33. Royal Navy, HMS Marne. Belfast City Cemetery. Son of William and Ellen Griffith. Born at Carrog, Merioneth. Not named on Carrog war memorial.
  • Isaac Hughes. Possibly: Gunner 604363. Died 20/11/1917. Royal Field Artillery 15th Bde. Cambrai Memorial, Louverval. Nephew of Thomas H Jones, of 84, Eddie Rd., Wrexham.
  • Robert Hughes, Gunner. Royal Garrison Artillery.
  • Llewelyn Hulse, Private 203440. Died 10/07/1918, aged 21. Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st/4th Bn. Carrog Baptist Chapel Cemetery. His home was Carrog Ucha. Served in Gallipoli, then in France, where he was gassed and had his horse shot from under him. Sent to hospital in Glasgow, thence to Groesynyd Sanatorium, near Conwy, where he died. Before the war he worked at Hendreforfydd Farm and worshipped at the Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Carrog, according to a contemporary press report.
  • Caradoc Jones, Private 9050. Died 11/08/1916, aged 28. Royal Welsh Fusiliers 3rd/4th Bn. Glyndyfrdwy (St Bride) Churchyard. Son of William and Jane Jones, of 3, Berwyn St, Carrog.
  • Edward Thomas Jones, Private 4201998. Died 17/09/1943, aged 23. Hampshire Regiment 1/4th Bn. formerly of 13th Bn. Royal Welch Fusiliers. Cassino Memorial. Son of John Morris Jones, and of Amilia Jones, of Carrog. Not named on Carrog war memorial.
  • Herman Hill Jones, Private 1096. Died 30/05/1915. Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 13th Bn. Lone Pine Memorial
  • Ronald MT Rose Lloyd, Captain. York & Lancaster Regiment.
  • William George Parry, Private 77595. Died 07/07/1918, aged 20. Royal Welsh Fusiliers 19th Bn. Varennes Military Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs Parry, of Tirnanerch, Carrog. Not named on Carrog war memorial.
  • Owen Roberts, Private. Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
  • William Samuel Roberts, Private 12261. Died 27/09/1916, aged 33. Wellington Regiment, N.Z.E.F. 1st Bn. Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt. Son of William and Margaret Roberts, of Carrog; husband of Annie E Roberts, of Auckland, New Zealand.


Second World War

  • Robert Astley, Gunner. Royal Artillery.
  • Charles JC Hindley, Captain 204106. Died 17/02/1945. Royal Army Service Corps, attd. H.Q. 25th Indian Div. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. Rangoon Memorial. Son of Dr and Mrs John Chadwick Hindley; husband of Edith Deborah Hindley.
  • Glyn Thomas, Able Seaman P/JX 247721. Died 12/11/1942, aged 22. Royal Navy, HMS Hecla. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Son of David and Mary Winniefred Thomas, of Carrog.