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The Wales Coast Path passes through Swansea waterfront and around the Gower coast. Our tour along the WCP features QR codes at hundreds of places of interest along the entire path.

You can also use our QR codes along National Cycle Network Route 4, which passes through Swansea as it runs between Fishguard and the Severn Bridge.

Tales of old Wind Street tour

Wind Street is a remarkable relic of old Swansea, having escaped serious wartime damage despite its proximity to key targets when the Luftwaffe flattened much of the city.

Use your smartphone or tablet and the HistoryPoints QR codes in Wind Street to discover fascinating snippets about the area’s colourful past. You’ll come across characters such as American boxer Rocky Marciano and a sailor who died of cholera after being duped into ferrying Arab pilgrims in a cargo ship. You’ll also discover some of the many things which were once sold in the street, including ornamental hair, saddles, “blood purifier” and caged birds – as well as fine clocks and telescopes which were made in Wind Street.

The tour also sheds light on place-names such as Salubrious Passage. What of Wind Street itself? Two of the earliest written references are Wyne Street (1567) and Winstrett (1579), and Richard Morgan of the Welsh Place-Name Society suggests that it could have referred to a street where wine was sold – as it still is today! A more widely accepted origin is wynd, meaning a narrow street or alley.

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Top of Wind Street, near castle
Salubrious Passage
Bottom of Wind Street

You can join the tour at any of the featured points by scanning the QR codes there. When you’ve read the information about that location, tap ‘Next’ at the foot of the page to see a map and information about the next stop. Eventually the tour will return you to your starting point.
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