Capel Coch, Llanberis

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This Chapel was built in 1893, replacing an earlier Chapel. Methodism reached the Llanberis area as early as 1742, during the Evangelical Revival of the 18th Century. A spiritual revival was experienced in 1762, and by 1765 the local Methodist worshipers’ activities, including prayer meetings and occasional preaching, were centred at Llwyncelyn (on the slopes above the present Chapel).

In 1770, this seiat (‘society’) at Llwyncelyn had 16 members. In time, the seiat became a church which decided to build a chapel here, lower down the valley on Llwyncelyn land. The chapel took its name from Afon Goch which flows past it.

There are six dates above the Chapel front doors: 1777, the first chapel; 1802, the chapel renovated; 1834, the chapel extended; 1846, the first chapel demolished and a second built; 1864, the second chapel extended; 1893, the present chapel built following demolition of the second.

By today, the main chapel building has been sold. The schoolroom or vestry, built in 1909, is now the Chapel and home of the active church which is part of Gofalaeth Fro’r Llechen Las pastorate. Full details of the church’s services and meetings can be seen on the pastorate’s website: see link below.

Capel Coch was the first Calvinistic Methodist chapel in the locality. Between 1852 and 1882, seven other churches were formed, either directly by the church at Capel Coch or by the churches which it planted: Dinorwig; Rehoboth, Nant Peris; Hebron; Clegir; Fachwen; and Gorffwysfa and Preswylfa, Llanberis.  Today, only the ‘mother church’ at Capel Coch remains.  The churches at Preswylfa, Gorffwysfa and Capel Coch united at Capel Coch in 1982, and the church at Rehoboth also united with Capel Coch at the end of 2018.

With thanks to Rev John Pritchard for the information above.

Quarryman Gwilym Roberts recalled c.1980 that his mother lived in Tŷ Capel Coch (her father was the Chapel’s caretaker) at the time of the 1904 Christian revival. She had told him that quarrymen were so enthusiastic that the wives of those who lived outside Llanberis would meet their husbands after work in a field near Capel Coch. The wives took food and drink for the men, who then proceeded to the river to wash off the day's slate dust and sweat before entering the Chapel.

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