Knight effigy, Tremeirchion church

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Knight effigy, Tremeirchion church

This figure of a knight inside Corpus Christi Church, Tremeirchion, was carved in such detail that experts have been able to date it to c.1300 from the armour depicted.

Photo of head of knight effigyThe head and chest are probably covered by chain mail. There’s also the outline of a metal helmet. The knight wears a long surcoat, underneath which is a quilted leather jacket or ‘gambeson’ – stuffed with wool or cloth for defence against swords and arrows. Leather gauntlets cover the hands. The knight grasps his sword with both hands, and a lion adorns his shield. The effigy would have been colourfully painted when new.

There are no inscriptions or heraldic clues to the identity of the knight entombed here. Over the centuries, some historians have suggested that he was Sir Roger Pounderling, whom they claimed was Constable of Dyserth Castle during King Edward II’s reign. Others believed he was Cynwrig ap Llywarch, who died c.1300 and was from an important Welsh family in this area.

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