Neath Antiquarian Society

This is one of Wales' oldest historical societies, formed in 1923 as successor to the Neath Philosophical Society - established in 1834. It records, preserves and safeguards Neath's historical heritage. Its archive, covering the 15th century to the recent past, was opened for public access in 2003 at the historic Mechanics' Institute in Church Place.

Guest speakers attend the society's meetings at the Old Town Hall in Church Place, starting at 7pm on the third Monday of each month from September to April. The society also organises visits to places of historical interest.

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HiPoints collection:

Old Town Hall - erected 1820-21. Anti-slavery meetings held there in 1830 and 1832
Mechanics' Institute - designed by AR Wallace, a pioneer of the evolution theory now commonly credited to Darwin
Bridge Street Bridge - crosses a river, canal, two roads and a railway. Built in 1790s on site of earlier bridges