George and Dragon, Knighton

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This building dates from the 17th century. The date 1637 is inscribed in an unusual place. To find the inscription you’ll need to walk down the hill to the lane which passes the lower gable. The date is on the corner of the building.

The George and Dragon was a coaching inn at one time. The horses were stabled around the back, in the buildings where guests can now stay.

Photographs inside the pub show a picket fence around a small front garden. This made way for the lounge extension, uphill from the front door.

According to local legend, the spirit of a woman who lost her baby in childbirth haunts the pub. Current landlords Justin and Helen Rees say they noticed many strange occurrences in the months after they took over the licence, in 2005, such as the tray of the till filling with water despite there being no leaking pipes. They say the spirit became less active once they had settled in.

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Postcode: LD7 1BL

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