Caerphilly cenotaph, Castle Street

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Caerphilly cenotaph, Castle Street

This cenotaph was erected in 1926 to commemorate the local people who had died in the First World War. The cenotaph cost £750 and was designed by Lewis Williams. The granite pillar and the base, of Portland stone, were sculpted by CD Jones, a sculptor and former serviceman.

Previously a building called Underhill Chambers had stood on this site. It was damaged by fire in 1922 and had become an eyesore when planning for the cenotaph began in earnest in 1924. The plot was acquired by Caerphilly Urban District Council for £3,000.

The dedication ceremony, on a wet 15 August 1926, was attended by thousands of people. The Caerphilly Journal noted: “Although it is nearly eight years since the ‘Cease fire’ sounded over Flanders, many an aged mother and father and young widow gave way to a grief which was not less poignant because of the lapse of time.”

The names of people who died in active service in the Second World War were added later, followed by the names of local servicemen who were killed in Cyprus and Northern Ireland. In 1995 the cenotaph was restored by replacing the cladding with an exact reproduction of the original.

To read details of the people named on the First and Second World War memorials, as well as those killed in Cyprus and Northern Ireland, choose a category below.

With thanks to Dennis Sellwood, of Caerphilly Local History Society

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