Mass grave of train-crash victims, Abergele

Mass grave of train-crash victims, Abergele

Behind St Michael’s Church is the mass grave of 33 victims of an accident which occurred on the railway near Llanddulas on 20 August 1868. See below to discover who they were (details coming soon).

The accident involved the Irish Mail running into goods wagons, two of which contained paraffin. The combination of paraffin and wooden-bodied carriages resulted in a fierce fire. You can read how the accident happened on this page.

The passenger train was the prestigious express service between London and Holyhead, for the ferries to Dublin, and the victims came from all classes of society. Their remains were mostly charred beyond recognition, which meant that individual graves were impractical. Unusually, a peer and a judge were buried with some of their family servants.

Only three of the dead could be identified. They were the only victims for whom death certificates were issued.

Two of the 33 buried here were employees of the London & North Western Railway. They were a guard and the fireman (stoker) of the Irish Mail’s locomotive.

The loco driver, Arthur Thompson, survived the accident but was badly injured. He died on 15 October and was buried near his home in England.

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