The Bull Hotel, Abergele

button-theme-crimeThe Bull Hotel, Chapel Street, Abergele

The building now known as the Bull Hotel was built in 1861, close to an older tavern known as the Bull. Initially only one room in the 1861 building was used as a public bar, and for a while it was known as the “Bull bach” (“Little Bull”).

The old Bull was used for Baptist meetings from 1856. Before that, Mormons met there, probably at the instigation of Daniel Jones (1811-1861). Born at Tan-yr-Ogof, Llanddulas, he emigrated to the USA and became joint-owner of a Mississippi steamboat with Joseph Smith, who is regarded by Mormons as a prophet. The boat carried Mormon converts. Many people and authorities were suspicious of Mormonism, and both men were imprisoned in June 1844.

A Mormon-hating mob had gathered outside when Daniel was given the task of taking a letter to a lawyer on behalf of Joseph Smith, who was soon killed when the mob attacked the prison. After evading other assassination attempts, Daniel returned to Wales to convert more people to Mormonism. For this, he translated many texts into Welsh and had them printed by his brother John Jones, who wasn’t a Mormon but was a controversial preacher in the Independent church. He printed religious texts in Rhydybont, Carmarthenshire, and later Merthyr Tydfil, before fleeing to the USA.

Daniel took 249 converts from Wales in 1849 and a further 703 in 1856. When he died in Provo, Utah, he left three wives and six children, two by each wife.

The Bull Hotel is said to be haunted by several ghosts. One, in motorcycling leathers, is reputedly the spirit of a man who lived in the hotel and died in a biking accident.

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