Birthplace of Terry Jones, Old Colwyn

Birthplace of Terry Jones, Dolwen Road, Old Colwyn

Terence Graham Parry Jones, of the comedy group Monty Python, was born here on 1 February 1942. It’s a private residence – please don’t enter the grounds.

Terry’s mother Dilys Parry Jones moved here to live with her parents during the Second World War, when his bank-clerk father Alec was away on RAF service. The house was named Bodchwil when Dilys grew up here. Her father, William Newnes, was a schoolmaster in Colwyn Bay and took part in amateur theatrical shows, conducting the orchestra of the local operatic society.

Terry returned to the house for the first time aged 67, for a 2009 BBC documentary which traced his Welsh roots. He recalled being pulled out of bed one night to look out of the bay window as searchlights criss-crossed the sky – possibly celebrating the end of the war in Europe in May 1945.

The documentary also showed him being overcome by emotion as he recalled meeting his dad for the first time at Colwyn Bay railway station.

Terry lived here for four and a half years, after which the family moved to Surrey. While studying at Oxford University he met Michael Palin. They were later stars of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Monty Python feature films, two of which Terry co-directed.

Terry was a successful screenwriter, film director and author of books for adults and children.  He was a keen historian, and hoped he would be remembered for restoring the reputation of King Richard II, who was abducted near Old Colwyn before being dethroned.

Terry died on 21 January 2020. In 2017, a granite “postcard” depicting a large foot – inspired by the title sequence to Monty Python’s Flying Circus – was installed on the promenade in Colwyn Bay in Terry’s honour.

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