Former Y Wern estate, Gilfachreda

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Former Y Wern estate, Gilfachreda

The land in this vicinity belonged to Y Wern when Henry Tudor reputedly paid a visit in 1485 during his march to the Battle of Bosworth, where victory resulted in his coronation as King Henry VII. Today some of the land is home to Woodlands Holiday Lodge Park.

Next door to the holiday centre, to the west, stands the house which was known as Y Wern (meaning “The alder grove”) in Henry Tudor’s time. Most of the building we see today was erected c.1670. The name was changed to Wern Newydd (Newydd = “new”), possibly at the same time. Features of the earlier house remain, including the room – later converted into a bathroom – in which Henry Tudor is said to have rested.

After living in exile in France, Henry had landed at Mill Bay on 7 August with a small army and immediately began to march northwards. He is said to have reached Gilfachreda on 11 August and been welcomed to Y Wern by its owner, Einion ap Dafydd Llwyd. Tradition has it that Henry rested in a small room in the house because his insurgency at that time was still a small one, and could easily have been ended by people loyal to King Richard III. The house’s large rooms would have been more difficult to guard against entry by an assassin.

Y Wern lies in a small valley called Gilfachreda, which possibly means “Nook of Rheda”, perhaps referring to a person called Rheda. To hear how to pronounce Gilfachreda, press play: Or, download MP3 (19KB)

Today the valley is a haven for birds and other wildlife. In 2014 Woodlands Holiday Lodge Park received the gold award in the David Bellamy conservation scheme for holiday parks which make special efforts to protect and enhance Britain’s environment.

With thanks to Richard Morgan, of the Welsh Place-Name Society, for place name details

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