Graves at Great Orme cemetery

Graves at Great Orme cemetery

Use the map below to find the interesting graves we’ve selected at this cemetery. Click the person’s name below for details about them. The graves are grouped by their positions, in the north-west, north-east and southern sectors of the cemetery.

When you go to look at the graves, please take care and remember that the ground in cemeteries can be uneven.

Early photo of Great Orme cemeteryThe municipal cemetery adjoins St Tudno's Churchyard. Click here to discover interesting graves in the churchyard.

Part of the municipal cemetery was consecrated in 1903 by the Bishop of Bangor. He and other dignitaries travelled to and from the ceremony on the Great Orme Tramway.

The postcard photo (courtesy of Marian Rackham) shows the cemetery before the First World War. Beyond the new cemetery is St Tudno’s Church and churchyard. The postcard was sent in August 1914 to Mary Timmis (later Mary Biddulph) of Burton upon Trent by one her sisters, who was holidaying in Llandudno.

With thanks to Adrian Hughes, of the Home Front museum, and John Lawson-Reay, of Llandudno & Colwyn Bay History Society

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North-west sector

1, James Cecil Parke (d.1946) – Olympic Games tennis medal winner and rugby international
2, Captain Gwyn James (d.1940) – bomb expert at experimental centre
3, WE Williams (d.1943) – navigated crippled RAF bomber back to England through the Alps by starlight
4, Robert Arthur Griffith (d.1936) – Welsh-language poet, writer and literary critic
5, Llewelyn Roberts (d.1939) – chief engineer of Cunard liners, supervised machinery of RMS Queen Mary
6, Captain John Parry (d.1907) – mariner who shipped stone to build Llandudno
7, David Cynddelw Williams (d.1942) – First World War army chaplain, awarded Military Cross

North-east sector

  9, Beatrice Blore-Browne (d.1921) – pioneer of women’s motoring
10, Stan, Dorothy and Sylvia Taylor (d.1925) – victims of the Dolgarrog dam disaster
11, Mary Ann Johnson (d.1918) – killed by enemy action despite fleeing Kent for safety
12, Thomas Jones (d.1911) – died preparing Investiture Day public celebration
13, Sir William Malesbury Letts (d.1957) – motor pioneer, founding member of the AA
14, Jess Yates (d.1993) – TV entertainer famous in 1950s to 1970s

Southern sector

20, Zachry Brierley (d.1957) – entrepreneur behind Winter Gardens cinema and ballroom
21, Ernest Leonard John Weller (d.1948) 
– killed in Cheshire train crash a month after his wedding
22, Robert Clare Baxter (d.1950) –
rose from poverty to create thriving Clare's department store
23, Donald Boyd-Ball (d.2001) 
– auctioneer and charity supporter known as Mr Llandudno
24, Edward Goodey Jones (d.1965)
 – fisherman and boatman whose grandparents lived in a cave
25 John Codman (d.1980)
– kept Britain’s longest-running Punch & Judy show in the family


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