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By 1300 there was a hamlet called Llinegr which was probably centred on a corn mill and flax mill. The name was later eclipsed by the growth of Ffynnongroyw, but survives in the name Llinegr Hill, the road leading from Penyffordd down to Ffynnongroyw.

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“Llin” is Welsh for flax, a plant whose fibres were commonly used for making cloth and rope. It came to Welsh from “lin”, the Old English word for flax which still gives us the prefix for linseed (the seed of flax plants). According to Prof Hywel Wyn Owen, Llinegr was recorded as Lynacre in 1301-02 and Linacr in 1312, denoting an acre of flax. The first record of the Welsh version, Llinegr, dates from 1663. The English name, Linacre, fell out of use during that century.

With thanks to the Llinegar Inn and Plas Derwen Nursing Home, on Llinegr Hill, for hosting the QR barcodes, and to Prof Hywel Wyn Owen of the Welsh Place-Name Society

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