Site of tramway, Rhos-on-Sea promenade

Site of tramway, Rhos-on-Sea promenade

Electric trams used to run along the promenade here as they travelled to Llandudno or Colwyn Bay. The tramway photos are shown here courtesy of the L&CB Tramway Society and Conwy Archive Service.

Old photo of tram at Rhos-on-Sea promenadeThe upper photo was taken not long after the tramway opened. Trams from Llandudno terminated here from October 1907 to June 1908, when the extension to Colwyn Bay opened.

The photo shows one of the original tramcars, no 12, turning the corner into what was then known as Tramway Avenue, now Penrhyn Avenue. The tram is heading for Llandudno. The tall pole on the roof collected electricity from the wire above the road. On the right is Rhos pier, demolished in 1953.

The lower photo was taken from almost the same position but looking the other way and decades later – after the Second World War. By then there were two tram tracks, one for each direction.

Photo of streamlined tram at Rhos-on-Sea promenadeThe tramcar is one of two bought in 1946 from Darwen Corporation. These cars had “streamlined” bodies, similar to ones which still operate in Blackpool. The ex-Darwen cars had narrower bodies, as the tramways here and in Darwen were narrow gauge (Blackpool uses the wider standard gauge).

The streamliner is shown at the promenade tram stop. Passengers board and alight in the middle of the road, while the car behind has to wait! The tramway closed in March 1956.

With thanks to the Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Tramway Society and Conwy Archive Service

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