Yew Tree Cottage, Marford

Yew Tree Cottage, Marford

This house is a fine example of Marford’s whimsical architecture. It’s a private property – please enjoy the view from the pavement but don’t go into the garden.

The first buildings in Marford to feature unusual shapes were large ones, including the Trevor Arms. Trevalyn Estate craftsmen then began, c.1811, to construct smaller buildings – including Yew Tree Cottage – with similar features.

Facing you as you stand on the pavement is the eastern gable end of the cottage, although it doesn’t look like a gable because the wall is curved. The wall is punctuated by unusual window openings and a couple of crosses, perhaps inspired by loopholes (slits in medieval castle walls for archers). The gable-end roof has an elliptical bulge to cover the curved wall.

Semi-circular walls, with half-cone roofs, flank the gable end. The little porch was added c.1963.

To see the full length of the house, walk up a little way up the road (towards the Trevor Arms). The section furthest from the road was added in 1979 to 1981 but faithfully replicates the original style. Notice the elliptical dormer window and roof in the centre.

With thanks to Richard Hughes

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