Tours in Newport

Tours in Newport

The Wales Coast Path passes through Newport. Our tour along the WCP features QR codes at hundreds of places of interest along the entire path.

You can also use our QR codes along National Cycle Network Route 4, which passes through Newport as it runs between Fishguard and the Severn Bridge.


Heroes & Villains tour, Newport city centre

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Clarence Place
Bridge Street
Commercial Street
Cardiff Rd

Newport’s history abounds with tales of courage, including the Chartists whose campaign for basic democratic improvements resulted in demonstrators being killed in 1839 and their leaders given harsh sentences. Newport’s contribution to the suffragette movement was in the same vein. Rewards for valour went to a newspaper delivery boy who was the hero of the Newport dock disaster of 1909, and to a submarine commander whose wartime bravery won him the Victoria Cross.

Among Newport’s historical villains is a soldier who returned from the Boer War to find his wife living with another man. He murdered her after she refused to return to him, but his sentence was reduced after a campaign backed by prominent people. St Woolos Cathedral is named after a legendary warlord who converted to Christianity, and the church at the site was attacked at various times by pirates, Vikings and soldiers.

Follow the QR-code tour through the town to discover the places connected to these remarkable characters. The tour runs between the Cenotaph in Clarence Place and the Merchant Navy memorial in Cardiff Road (south end of Commercial Street).

To start the tour, simply scan any of the QR codes along the route with a smartphone or tablet, or use the list on the right to join the tour online. Click “Next” at the foot of the page to see where the next featured location is. Eventually you’ll return to your starting point.