Former stable, Trevor basin

Link to French translationFormer stable, Trevor basin

This building, now a shop and booking office for Anglo-Welsh Waterway Holidays, was in use as a stable by 1903. Previously it may have been a warehouse for goods in transit at this meeting point of canal, tramway and road.

The brick sections of the building show where it was enlarged as its uses changed. Notice that the bricks on the gable facing the canal are a different colour to the others, indicating that these alterations were made at different times.

The horses stabled here may have been associated with the nearby Telford Inn. Hay was carried into the upper storey through the back door, which opens onto the road at first-floor level.

Horses also hauled trams – simple railway wagons – on the extensive tramways which brought goods to Trevor basin from quarries and ironworks to the north and east, for onward distribution by boat. The tramways evolved after the Ellesmere Canal company abandoned its plan to continue the canal northwards to Ruabon. Some of the narrow-gauge tramway track is still visible at the wharf.

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