Llantwit Major History Society

Llantwit Major History Society was founded in 1967 to preserve and promote the heritage and history of Llanilltud Fawr (St Illtud’s great church) and the surrounding area. It holds evening lectures, on a wide variety of subjects, from September to April. The meetings are at the Llantonian Hall on the second Wednesday of each month, starting at 7.30pm.

The society also has an extensive archive which includes diaries, deeds, maps and photographs. This is available to anyone who is conducting research. It also publishes research by local historians.

Website of Llantwit Major History Society

HiPoints collection:
War memorial - discover the stories of the people from Llantwit Major who died in the world wars
St Illtud's Church - the site is thought to be Britain's oldest centre of Christian learning
Bombed house - ruined in WW2. According to tradition, built for priests who said masses for Raglan family
The Old Swan Inn - the owner minted his own coins in 17th century
The Old White Hart - built c.1600 as a house, probably for well-to-do residents
Town Hall - built in 16th century on site of earlier building. Past uses include a school, police lockup, morgue and cinema