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This memorial to the local men who died in the First and Second World Wars was erected in 1997. To read their details, choose a category below. We have included some people who are not named on the war memorial but had a connection with the area.

Previously the village’s main memorial was a pair of plaques in the local school. Valley Community Council decided that an open-air memorial would be a more appropriate focus for events such as the annual Armistice Day commemoration. The memorial stands in Ynys Wen Cemetery, which the council maintains.

Among those named on the memorial are the Manning brothers, Robert and Victor. Both were killed in France in 1918. Their father survived the sinking of his warship in 1915. At one time, Robert was involved with tunnelling under the front line for bombs to be exploded beneath the enemy. He received many accolades for his bravery in the war including two British medals and France’s Légion d’Honneur.

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