Site of the Rothesay Hotel, Colwyn Bay

link_to_french_translationSite of the Rothesay Hotel

The Rothesay Hotel was constructed in the late 19th century. It was one of a string of large and prestigious hotels along this stretch of the promenade. 

A guest list from June 1909 records that three people were then living at the Rothesay Hotel. Summer visitors included Mr, Mrs and Miss Schilizzè of Paris, along with the couple’s baby and its nurse. Many other rooms were occupied by holidaymakers from Ireland.

In 1939 the hotel was taken over by the Ministry of Food, which remained in the hotel for the duration of the Second World War. Part of the hotel was given over to the Canned Condensed Milk Division.

In charge was Mr Lyons of the Lyons’ Corner Houses (large multi-storey restaurants at various places in London). Oddly, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands came to visit the workers during the war.

The Ministry officials in the Rothesay were envied for their proximity to the promenade, where they could go for a stroll during their lunch break. However, they were not allowed to venture onto the beach – which was out of bounds to everyone except military personnel.

Latterly the hotel was used as flats and for a daycare centre. It was demolished in 2015 to make way for the Ocean View apartments.

With thanks to Graham Roberts, of Colwyn Bay Civic Society. His book ‘Colwyn Bay at War, from Old Photographs’, is published by Amberley Publishing.

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