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link_to_french_translationThe Goat Major, High Street

photo_of_royal_welsh_windowThe name of this building celebrates the pub’s association with the Welsh infantry regiment, The Royal Welsh, whose mascot is a goat. The first goat was given to the Royal Welch Fusiliers, one of the regiment’s predecessors, by Queen Victoria in 1844. It came from her herd of white Kashmir goats in Windsor. She gave other goats from the herd to the Mostyn family of Llandudno. Their descendants continue to live on the Great Orme, providing new mascots for the regiment when the old ones retire.

The goat major is the soldier who looks after the goat and leads it on ceremonial occasions. Millions of people have seen the goat and major on television, during pre-match festivities at Wales rugby internationals.

Pictured on the right is the goat mascot as it appears in the Royal Welsh window at St Giles' Church, Wrexham.

The Welch Regiment was given a goat from the royal herd in 1862. When that regiment was amalgamated with the South Wales Borderers to form the Royal Regiment of Wales (RRW), it retained the goat as its mascot. In 2006 the RRW merged with the Royal Welch Fusiliers to form The Royal Welsh – and the goat mascot remained.

The goat mascot of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh is always called Billy. The goats of the 2nd Battalion are called Taffy, and those of the 3rd Battalion are called Shenkin.

The Goat Major pub was known as the Bluebell in 1813 and renamed The Goat Major in 1995. The pub sign depicts a goat major with his mascot. Inside are photographs and other regimental memorabilia.

A mannequin of a goat major is on display at the Royal Welsh Museum in Brecon, as is a stuffed goat mascot from the RRW.

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