St Lawrence’s Church, Gumfreston

St Lawrence’s Church, Gumfreston

This church dates from the late 12th century. The porch on the western side may be a remnant of an earlier church on the site, which was a “llan” (walled enclosure around a church) in era of Celtic Christianity.

On the wall are the faded outlines of what was once a large and dramatic mural depicting Jesus Christ, fishing nets and other implements. This has been interpreted as a message to the congregation to avoid working on the Sabbath.

Three holy wells in the churchyard attracted pilgrims in ancient times. People still visit the church to collect a little of the well water, or to pray.

The revival of interest in Celtic Christianity has prompted the development of “services of light” every three months in the church, focusing on Celtic spirituality and led by lay members of the congregation. Services of stories and songs about Celtic saints are a popular feature of the Tenby Arts Festival.

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