Saith Seren, Wrexham

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This corner building was originally the Seven Stars Hotel. Its current name Saith Seren (“Seven Stars”) reflects the pub’s reopening in January 2012 by a co-operative called Canolfan Gymraeg Wrecsam Cyf (Wrexham Welsh Language Centre Ltd). The centre provides a focalpoint in the town centre for Welsh speakers or learners, and was conceived as a legacy of Wrexham hosting the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 2011.

In 1880 the Seven Stars Inn was sold at auction to its tenant, James Marshall. He paid £2,500 for the inn and its large yard, plus nine cottages in Chester Street and Lambpit Street.

In 1898, when John Scott was the licensee, the pub was rebuilt using Ruabon red brick, to a design by Liverpool architect Thomas Price. Notable features include the turret on the corner and the colourful mural on the gable facing Chester Street. Mr Price also designed the Empire Music Hall, which was built next door (facing onto Lambpit Street) at around the same time. The hall is now part of Saith Seren.

Mr Scott was an enthusiast of trotting, or harness racing, where each horse pulls its driver in a sulky (two-wheel cart). In 1898 he won £20 by beating Councillor Davies over one mile (1.6km) between Eyton and Bangor Is-y-coed.

In 1900 burglars used chisels and other tools to break into the bar and billiard room at night. They took £30 from the till and drank their fill of liquor, leaving empty bottles on the counter. Mr Scott was sleeping in his living quarters on the first floor but heard nothing.

One of the earliest artistes to perform at the Empire Music Hall took the venue’s manager to court for assault. Harry Stennett, an Irish comic and dancer, was booked for several shows in 1901 but got drunk after the second one. Manager William Gregory ordered him to leave and was removing Mr Stennett’s luggage from the dressing room when a fight broke out between them. Mr Gregory had to pay a small fine but not the expenses of Mr Stennett, who was found partly to blame.

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