Swansea Borough Police war memorials

button-theme-crimeSwansea Borough Police war memorials, Grove Place

Photo of Swansea police SWW memorial

Inside Swansea Central police station are memorials to the local police officers who died in the First and Second World Wars. See below for their details.

Our lists show the each man’s police number first, followed by his military rank.

The memorials were originally at the police station in Alexandra Road. They were moved to the new building and rededicated in March 2002. Among those who attended the ceremony in 2002 were relatives of William Arthur Jones, who served with the Royal Engineers and died in 1915.

The memorial to the police officers who died in the Second World War consists of a stained glass window which incorporates a list of names of the fallen (pictured right). If you’ve scanned the QR codes by the entrance to the station, look up and to the left as you stand in the reception area to see the window. Some of the officers who died in this war were still serving with the police force and lost their lives while helping during air raids in Swansea.

Photo of Swansea police FWW memorial

The First World War memorial is a bronze plaque set in a wooden frame (pictured left).

Among the Swansea police officers killed in the Second World War was Charles Johnson of the RAF, who died in 1943. His father, a Merchant Navy captain, was killed by enemy action in 1941. Both are named on Pontypool war memorial.

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First World War

Second World War



First World War

  • Albert Appleton, PC90. Lance Corporal 7442. Died 24/08/1914. Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Bn. Houdain-les-Bavay Communal Cemetery. Joined the Swansea police force in March 1913 and was stationed in Landore. His parents lived in Staines, Middlesex. He was due to marry his fiancée at the end of 1914.
  • JR Birch, PC132. Lance Sergeant 243. Killed 08/12/1916. Welsh Guards 1st Bn. Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme. Was stationed at St Thomas. Enlisted into the Grenadier Guards, later transferred to Welsh Guards.
  • Frank Coffey, PC30. Corporal 266406. Died of illness on 15/08/1917. Welsh Regiment 8th Bn. Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery. Husband of Ellen Coffey, Volunteer Arms, St Thomas. Frank was stationed at St Thomas.
  • Ernest Robert Helson, PC138. Sergeant 283. Died of shrapnel wounds on 18/07/1916 aged 28. Welsh Guards 1st Bn. Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Son of retired police sergeant Robert Helson and Eliza Helson, of Rhyddings Terrace, Brynmill (later 7 Warren Cottage, Faunton, Devon). Ernest was stationed at Uplands.
  • William Holland, PC75. Sergeant 1318. Died 08/10/1915 aged 29. Welsh Regiment 6th Bn. Chocques Military Cemetery. Husband of Lilian Holland of 66 Rodney Street, Swansea.
  • J Inman, PC150. Possibly: Private 987. Died 15/09/1918. Welsh Guards 1st Bn. Lagnicourt Hedge Cemetery.
  • William Arthur Jones, PC119. Lance Corporal 49094. Died 07/05/1915 aged 34. Royal Engineers 101st Field Coy. Sellindge (St. Mary) Churchyard. Husband of Elizabeth Laura Jones of 12 Albany Terrace, St Thomas, Swansea.
  • William James Rapsey, PC144. Lance Corporal P/7429. Died 14/10/1918 aged 25. Military Police Corps, Military Foot Police. Ypres Reservoir Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs William Rapsey, of Landore; husband of Mabel Alice Austin (formerly Rapsey), of 1 Ewart Place, Brynhyfryd, Swansea.
  • Patrick Shea, PC121. Died at home in May 1919, aged 37, of wounds sustained in France. Native of Churchill, County Kerry, Ireland. Lived at Terrace Road, Swansea. Had served with the Irish Guards before joining Swansea police in March 1908. He left a widow.
  • Aubrey Alfred Smale, PC26. Sergeant 242. Died on 10/09/1916 aged 28. Welsh Guards 1st Bn. Thiepval Memorial. Son of James and Emily Smale of Edburton, Sketty, Swansea.
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Second World War

  • JC Carpenter. Was a cadet clerk in the police force.
  • William Bolton Flitter, Police Sergeant PC 37. Died 21/02/1941 aged 43. Civilian war dead. Of 23 Windsor Street, Uplands. Husband of Elsie May Flitter. Died at Orchard Street during an air raid.
  • John (Jack) Harold Jenks, Police Constable PC 161. Died 01/09/1940 aged 24. Civilian war dead. Of Trelawny, Crockett Road. Son of Winifred F Jenks, of 26 Graig Terrace; husband of Veronica Jenks. Died at Union Street and Park Street Corner while directing soldiers to shelter during an air raid.
  • Charles Alfred Johnson, PC 28. Flying Officer 135112. Died 25/06/1943 aged 27. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 51 Sqdn. Runnymede Memorial. Son of Richard Edgar and Ethel Johnson, of Pontypool. Captain Richard Johnson was lost at sea in 1941 when the cargo ship he commanded was torpedoed. Charles is also commemorated on Pontypool war memorial.
  • WA Hughes. Probably: William Archie Hughes, Flying Officer 170738. Died 17/03/1945 aged 24. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 251 Sqdn. Runnymede Memorial. Son of George S and Ada Hughes, of Sketty, Swansea. Was cadet clerk in the police force.
  • William Thomas George Pridmore, PC 184. Leading Aircraftman 1412176. Died 23/09/1942 aged 24. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Flatrock Oak Ridge Cemetery. Son of Thomas John and Margaret Pridmore, of Kilburn, London. Born in Swansea.
  • LL Williams. Probably: Leonard Lloyd Williams, Coder D/JX 356703. Died 23/10/1943 aged 20. Royal Navy – HMS Charybdis. Plymouth Naval Memorial. Son of Rees and Sarah E Williams, of Town Hill, Swansea. Was cadet clerk in the police force.
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