Site of nursery garden, Chepstow

link_to_french_translationSite of nursery garden, Station Road

Behind this Victorian building (6 Station Road) was a nursery garden of some three acres. The nursery was established in 1779 by Marc Sanders. It was the first nursery garden in the county of Monmouthshire and raised flowers, shrubs and other plants for gardeners. This was a very early date for such an enterprise.

After Sanders, it was run by a succession of nurserymen including James Morgan and John and William Pillinger, who were Bristol men, from about 1850 until 1880. Following the death of William, his wife carried on the business until 1894. The garden became known as Pillinger’s Nursery and for many years was regarded as one of the sights to be seen when visiting Chepstow.

The nursery also at one time occupied the triangular piece of ground between Mill Lane, Station Road and the railway station. This ground later became the site of the labour exchange, now the Job Centre.

In 1922 part of Pillinger's Nursery was taken over as the town's cattle market, which had been displaced from the area of Fairfield’s shipyard. This market continued in use until October 1967. Much of the area is now used as car parks and the Tesco supermarket.

After the Second World War, 6 Station Road became a Motor Factors business. It is now a showroom for Salter Heating and Plumbing Services.

With thanks to Henry Hodges, of The Chepstow Society. Sources: Chepstow Museum and The Town of Chepstow by Ivor Waters

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