Graves at St Julitta’s churchyard, Capel Curig

Graves at St Julitta’s churchyard, Capel Curig

Use the map below to find the interesting graves we’ve selected outside St Julitta’s Church. Click the person’s name for details about them.

When you go to look at the graves, please take care and remember that the ground at churchyards can be uneven.

You can read about some of these graves, and others, in The Churchyard Trail, a leaflet published by the Friends of St Julitta’s Church. It’s available for a small donation from inside the church, where there’s also a booklet (£7.50) with full details of the memorial inscriptions. If the church is locked, ask at the Pinnacle Café for the key.

With thanks to Harvey Lloyd of the Friends of St Julitta's, to Hazel Pierce of The History House and to Gwyneth Roberts

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  1. Leonard Spencer Salt (d.1910) - partner in Salt brewery, died climbing
  2. Evan Roberts (d.1991) - quarryman who became a botanical expert and MBE
  3. Rev Henry Williams (d.1902) - headmaster who taught maths to future geophysicist Love
  4. Alfred Oliver (d.1944) - artist who painted Snowdonia
  5. Edmund Wigram (d.1945) - mountaineer who took part in early Everest expeditions
  6. Lady Alice Douglas Pennant (d.1939) - daughter of Lord Penrhyn, fell in love with gardener
  7. Philip Vernon Hughes (d.1899) - surgeon who died fishing on a lake
  8. Frank Carroll Cobden (d.1932) - cricketer who bought Cobden's Hotel
  9. Jonathan Jackson (d.1848) - a "confidential" waiter for 40 years
  10. Alfred Bradford & Edward Latham (d.1937) – medical students who fell to their deaths while roped together

Map of interesting graves at St Julitta's church Capel Curig