Y Felinheli war memorial

Y Felinheli war memorial

This memorial was erected in 1926 to commemorate the local people who died in the First World War. The names of those who died in the Second World War and later are also displayed on the memorial. To discover who they were, choose a category below. Where shown, click this icon for more details. Extra page icon

First World War

First World War- Mercantile Marine

Second World War

Later Deaths

The memorial takes the form of a clock tower, made of granite from Anglesey, and was unveiled in 1926. It was designed by Segar Owen (best known for his work with his father William on Port Sunlight model village on the Wirral) and built by JM Jones of Amlwch. In the same year the village’s memorial hall was opened, on a side road a short distance to the south west.

The Vaynol Estate and London, Midland & Scottish Railway donated the land for the clock tower and memorial. The railway from Bangor to Caernarfon used to run behind the hall – you can see the yellow-brick station building if you look up the side road to the right of the clock tower.

In the 1920s the town was still commonly known as Port Dinorwic, because slates from the Dinorwig quarry near Llanberis were transferred from railway wagons to ships at the slate dock. Most of the local men who died in the Second World War were seamen.

Among the men named on the memorial is Sir Robin Duff, only son of Sir Charles Assheton-Smith of Vaynol Park (now known as the Faenol), between Y Felinheli and Bangor. A career soldier, Sir Robin was killed in action in Belgium in 1914, three weeks after inheriting the large Vaynol Estate – which included the Dinorwig quarry.

Also named on the memorial is Robert Willie Parry, who died in a sea battle in 1916. A Swedish sailor later found Robert’s coat in the sea and posted a letter, which was in a coat pocket, to Robert’s family in Y Felinheli.

With thanks to Alun Lewis Jones, Reg Chambers-Jones, Geraint Owen and Adrian Hughes, and to Byron Jones of the Merchant Navy Association (Wales)

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First World War - Army

  • Butler, Charles Henry, Second Hand 1307D. Died 19/11/1917. Royal Naval Reserve - HM Trawler Morococala. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Husband of Mary Butler (born in Y Felinheli) of 21 East Hill, Queenstown, Ireland.
  • Cryer, Robert, Private 3030036. Died 27/09/1918 aged 20. Canadian Infantry. Buried Quarry Wood Cemetery. Son of Mrs Annie Clayton of "Allandale" Beach Road. Not named on Y Felinheli memorial.
  • Davies, David Benjamin, Private 265501. Died 01/05/1917 aged 24. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Jerusalem War Cemetery. Son of William and Ellen Davies of Elim Cottage.
  • Davies, Richard Hywel, Sapper WR/505552. Died 07/09/1918 aged 37. Royal Engineers - Inland Water Transport. Buried Les Baraques Military Cemetery. Son of harbour master Robert Davies and Margaret Davies, of Quay House.
  • Davies, William Henry, Private 315505. Died 07/09/1918 aged 34. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Messines Ridge British Cemetery. Son of Mr W Davies and Mrs Grace Davies, of Grand Lodge.
  • Duff, Sir Robert (Robin) George Vivian, Lieutenant. Died 16/10/1914 aged 37. Life Guards. Buried Cement House Cemetery. Baronet. Only son of Sir Charles Garden Assheton-Smith, 1st Baronet of Vaynol Park, Bangor; husband of Lady Juliet Lowther Duff of Wilton, Salisbury. He had inherited the Vaynol estate three weeks before his death.
  • Ellis, John, Petty Officer. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
  • Griffiths, Edward Humphrey, Private 28595. Died 04/07/1916 aged 24. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Loos British Cemetery. Son of Lewis and Sarah Griffiths of 6, Snowdon Street. Edward was known as Teddie.
  • Griffith, Hugh, Private 1520. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Died 08/02/1922 in Caernarfon fever hospital. Son of Hugh and Ann Griffiths of 4 Bryn Afon, Tan y Maes. Brother of John Arthur, below.
  • Griffith, John Arthur, Sapper 6785. Died 04/05/1915 aged 25. Royal Engineers. Buried Ypres Town Cemetery. Son of Hugh and Ann Griffiths of 4 Bryn Afon, Tan y Maes.
  • Hughes, H, Private 40129. Died 25/02/1917 aged 21. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Bard Cottage Cemetery. Son of John and Elizabeth Hughes of Bron-y-Graig. Not named on Y Felinheli memorial.
  • Hughes, John Edwin, Second Lieutenant. Died 19/08/1916 aged 29. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Dive Copse British Cemetery. Son of Edward and Mary Hughes, of 27 Augusta Place. Husband of Sydney Ellen Williams of Stag Cottage, Llanfairpwll, Anglesey. Was history master at Llandudno Central School before the war. His sister Ceinwen was Mentioned in Dispatches for her work as a nurse in a military hospital in Caerleon, near Newport.soldier icon
  • Hughes, John, Private.
  • Hughes, John, Private 265478. Died 10/08/1915. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Helles Memorial. Of 15 Bryn Ffynnon Road.
  • Hughes, Owen, Private 1844. Died 05/05/1916 aged 44. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Cairo War Memorial Cemetery. Son of Owen and Margaret Hughes; husband of Elizabeth Hughes of 15, Brynffynnon Road. Born at Bodorgan, Anglesey.
  • Hughes, William Arthur, Private 129126. Died 02/09/1918 aged 23. Canadian Infantry. Buried Dominion Cemetery. Son of J H and M J Hughes. Not named on Y Felinheli memorial.
  • Humphreys, Hugh Griffith, Private 42120. Died of wounds whilst prisoner of war in Germany on 06/05/1918 aged 19. Suffolk Regiment. Buried Cologne Southern Cemetery. Son of William and Ellen Humphreys of 8, Augusta Place.
  • Jones, David, Stoker 547V. Died 04/03/1916 aged 43. Royal Naval Reserve - HM Trawler Flicker. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Eldest son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Jones of Penscoins Cottage; husband of Kate Jones of 27, Beach Road.
  • Jones, Evan, Private 47462. Died 30/04/1918 aged 42. Welsh Regiment. Tyne Cot Memorial. Son of Evan and Ellen Jones of 27, Bryn Ffynon Road; husband of Elizabeth Jones of Library House, Bala.
  • Jones, Hugh Emrys, Private 36833. Died 27/08/1916 aged 18. Machine Gun Corps. Buried Laventie Military Cemetery. Son of Hugh and Jane Jones of 19, Augusta Place.
  • Jones, Owen Arthur, Private 38509. Died 24/10/1918 aged 21. Gloucestershire Regiment. Buried Romeries Communal Cemetery. Son of Captain and Mrs. M. E. Jones of Assheton House.
  • Jones, Owen Cecil, Major. Died 30/12/1917 aged 34. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Jerusalem War Cemetery. Son of Dr and Mrs OT Jones of Terfyn. Brother of William Bartholomew Jones, below.
  • Jones, Robert Richard, Private 5562. Died 29/09/1915 aged 18. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Lillers Communal Cemetery. Son of Charles and Sarah Jane Jones of Penscoins Cottage.
  • Jones, William Bartholomew, Second Lieutenant. Died 27/05/1918. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Soissons Memorial. Known as Bertie. Son of Dr and Mrs OT Jones of Terfyn. Brother of Owen Cecil Jones, above.
  • Jones, Rev William Evans, Chaplain 4th Class. Killed, aged 24, on 08/10/1918 by gunfire while he was bending in prayer over a wounded comrade. Army Chaplains' Department, attached to 2nd Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Prospect Hill Cemetery, France. Son of David and Eliza Evans Jones, of Rowen, Y Felinheli. Known by his comrades as the "Baby Padre".soldier icon
  • Lloyd, William, Private L/10454. Died 09/04/1917. Royal Sussex Regiment. Arras Memorial. Lived at Crug.
  • Morgan, Thomas, Private 1677. Died 04/06/1915 aged 20. Manchester Regiment. Helles Memorial. Son of Thomas and Margaret Morgan of Glan-yr-afon, Tregarth, Bangor.
  • Owen, Hugh, Private. Possibly: Private 56934. Died 07/11/1918 aged 21. Royal Welsh Fusiliers transferred to Agricultural Company, Labour Corps. Buried Llanfair-Is-Gaer (St. Mary) Churchyard. Son of Hugh and Mary Owen, late of Rhydd-Dir, Griffiths Crossing.
  • Owen, John, Sapper 154420. Died of wounds 11/12/1917 aged 27. Royal Engineers Depot, Special Brigade. Awarded Military Medal for bravery in the Battle of Arras, April 1917. Buried Llanddeiniolen (St Deiniolen) Churchyard. Son of Robert and Margaret Owen of Bryn Kenrick, Llanfair Talhaiarn, Abergele. Born at Cader Elwa, Y Felinheli. Three brothers also served: Robert, Hugh and Isaac.
  • Owen, Richard, Private 7807. Died 22/08/1918 aged 39. Australian Infantry. Buried Daours Communal Cemetery. Son of John and Ellen Owen of 29 Beach Road.
  • Owen, Richard Jones, Private 34446. Died 27/12/1917. The King's (Liverpool Regiment). Arras Memorial. Of 18 Tan y Maes.
  • Owen, William Henry. Possibly: Lance Corporal 36838. Died 26/08/1917 aged 23. Machine Gun Corps. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery. Son of Hugh and Mary Owen of Tyddyn Hen, Bethel Road, Caernarvon. Native of Rhydd-Dir.
  • Parry, Robert William, Leading Stoker K/15305. Died 31/05/1916 aged 26. Royal Navy - HMS Defence. Plymouth Naval Memorial. Son of Owen and Margaret Parry of 8, Brynffynnon Road.soldier icon
  • Pearson, Walter Philison, Bugler 13250. Died 19/08/1918 aged 16. King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot. Buried Ripon Cemetery. Son of Walter Henry and A E Pearson of Aber Cottage.
  • Pritchard, Hugh, Rifleman 290977. Died 27/10/1917 aged 28. Monmouthshire Regiment. Philosophe British Cemetery, France. Son of Hugh Pritchard; husband of L Pritchard of Manchester House, Nantymoel, Bridgend.
  • Pritchard, Llewelyn, Stoker 7976S. Died 13/08/1915 aged 34. Royal Naval Reserve – HM Transport Royal Edward. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Son of Thomas and Jane Pritchard of Aber Cottages. Ship was torpedoed off Greece.
  • Roberts, Edward, Private 33213. Died 24/10/1916 aged 22. Cheshire Regiment. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery. Son of William and Grace Roberts of 3, Sea View Terrace.
  • Roberts, John, Private 487337. Died 19/11/1916 aged 45. Canadian Pioneers. Buried Kamloops Cemetery, Canada. Son of Captain John and Catherine Jane Roberts of 59, Bangor Street.
  • Roberts, Thomas, Private 54967. Died whilst a prisoner of war on 27/10/1918 aged 34. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Liege (Robermont) Cemetery. Son of William Roberts.
  • Stevenson, Kenelm Julian, Private 23258. Died 26/08/1918 aged 40. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Daours Communal Cemetery. Son of Richard and Amy Stevenson of London; husband of E. Stevenson of 252, Liverpool Buildings, Liverpool Road, Islington, London.
  • Williams, Arthur, Private 48043. Died of wounds 01/08/1917 aged 22. Royal Army Medical Corps 129th Field Amb, attached 28th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. Dozinghem Military Cemetery. Son of Owen and Margaret Williams of 50 Westbourne Road, Birkenhead. Born and lived at Incline Cottage, Nany y Garth. Not named on Y Felinheli war memorial.
  • Williams, Evan Hugh, Lance Corporal 8977. Died 02/06/1918 aged 26. Manchester Regiment. Buried Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs WP Williams of 23 Bangor Street.
  • Williams, John, Private 291375. Died 29/12/1917. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Buried Jerusalem War Cemetery.
  • Williams, Richard, Private 54673. Died 26/08/1918 aged 25. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Vis-En-Artois Memorial. Husband of Maggie Williams of 17, Brynffynnon Road.
  • Williams, Robert Hughes, Private 42139. Died of gas poisoning on 16/06/1919, at Bangor hospital. Cheshire Regiment transferred to Clearing Office, Labour Corps. Buried Llanfair-Is-Gaer (St. Mary) Churchyard. Of 67 Bangor Street.
  • Williams, Robert, Rifleman 30416. Died 07/06/1917 aged 37. New Zealand Rifle Brigade. Messines Ridge (N.Z.) Memorial. Son of Thomas Williams of 2, Glanffynon, Tan y Maes.
  • Williams, Thomas, Able Seaman R/1811. Died 25/02/1918 aged 20. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve - Hood Battalion. Buried St. Pierre Cemetery. Son of William and Mary Ellen Williams of 22, Beach Road. Died in 42nd Stationary Hospital, Amiens, from acute appendicitis, peritonitis and acute abdominal obstruction.
  • Williams, William, Sergeant A2236115. Died at home 15/09/1922 as the result of gas poisoning during the war. Royal Garrison Artillery.
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First World War - Mercantile Marine

  • Jones, William Richard. Died 02/08/1918 aged 16. Mercantile Marine – SS Braeglen. Ship sank after colliding with another ship near Liverpool. Son of Owen and Mary Jane Jones of 9 Augusta Place.
  • Williams, John. Died 03/11/1916 aged 22. Mercantile Marine – SS Connemara. Son of William and Jane Williams of Monfa, Y Felinheli. Ship sank at the entrance to Carlingford Lough, Ireland, after colliding with the coal ship Retriever.
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Second World War

  • Bowles, Charles James, Chief Engineer Officer. Died 12/11/1941 aged 64. Merchant Navy - SS Maurita (Lancaster). Tower Hill Memorial. Husband of Elizabeth Bowles of Y Felinheli. Ship struck a mine and sank off the North Wales coast in the river Dee near Hilbre Swash.
  • Chubb, Sidney Mons, Able Seaman. Lost at sea 10/10/1942 aged 27. Merchant Navy. Born in Y Felinheli in 1915. Son of Samuel Chubb and Elizabeth Jane Chubb (nee Morris).
  • Davies, John J. Fireman/Greaser. Merchant Navy - MV Alexia (London). Drowned at New York on 20/7/45 aged 45. Lived in Y Felinheli.
  • Evans, Robert Myrddin, Serjeant T/199120. Died 05/01/1944 aged 31. Royal Army Service Corps. Buried Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery. Son of Evan and Jennie Pugh Evans; husband of Mair Evans of Llangefni, Anglesey.
  • Ellis, William, Mate. Died 22/03/1942 aged 63. Merchant Navy - SS Dalegarth Force (Whitehaven). Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Y Felinheli. Son of Robert and Jane Ellis; husband of Elizabeth Ellis of Y Felinheli. Ship collided with SS Richelieu at sea. William Ellis was found to be missing and was presumed lost overboard. 
  • Favaretto, William, Chief Engineer. Died 16/03/1941 aged 51. Merchant Navy. Of Italian Descent. Born in Liverpool. Son of Marco and Mary Ann Favaretto (nee Hughes) of Y Felinheli. Husband of Mary, 11 Port Terrace.
  • Hughes, Herbert Ellis, Mate. Died 11/10/1944 aged 44. Merchant Navy - SS Pamela (Beaumaris). Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Nefyn. Son of Captain William Hughes (Merchant Navy) and Margaret Hughes; husband of Elizabeth Catherine Hughes of Y Felinheli. Ship sunk in the Irish Sea, probably after striking a mine.
  • Hughes, Owen, Master. Died on or about 11/10/44 aged 45. Merchant Navy - SS Pamela (Beaumaris). Tower Hill Memorial. Born Y Felinheli. Husband of Phoebe Hughes, of Maesgeirchen, Bangor. Ship sunk in the Irish Sea, probably after striking a mine. Not named on Y Felinheli War memorial.
  • Hughes, Richard, Fireman and Trimmer. Died 17/3/43 aged 28. Merchant Navy - SS King Gruffydd (London). Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Y Felinheli to Elizabeth Hughes, of Bangor. Ship sunk SE of Cape Farewell. 
  • Jennings, William Glyn, Blacksmith 5th Class D/MX 74457. Died 10/12/1941 aged 20. Royal Navy - HMS Repulse. Plymouth Naval Memorial. Son of Joseph and Jennie Jennings; grandson of Mr and Mrs W T Roberts.
  • Jones, John Morris, Able Seaman. Died 02/07/1940 aged 49. Merchant Navy - SS Arandora Star (London). Tower Hill Memorial. Son of Hugh and Jane Ellen Jones of Y Felinheli. Ship sunk NW of Malin Head, County Donegal. The ship had 479 German internees, 734 Italian internees, 86 German prisoners-of-war and 200 military guards on board. The master, 12 officers, 42 crewmen, 37 guards, 470 Italians and 243 Germans were lost. 119 crew members, 163 guards and 586 Italians and Germans were picked up by HMCS St Laurant.
  • Lloyd-Jones, Thomas Henry, Lieutenant. Died 24/02/1945 aged 35. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve - H.M. Trawler Ellesmere. Lowestoft Naval Memorial. Son of Llewelyn and Eva Mary Lloyd-Jones.
  • Jones, Thomas William, Private S/114677. Died 17/06/1940 aged 21. Royal Army Service Corps. Pornic War Cemetery. He was on board HMT Lancastria, a Cunard liner converted into a troop transport ship, off St Nazaire when the ship was bombed by German aircraft, killing at least 4,000 people including women and children. This was Britain’s biggest loss of life ever in a single shipwreck.
  • McDonald, John Augustine, Gunner 1543177. Died 03/07/1945 aged 33. Royal Artillery. Singapore Memorial. Son of James and Cathrine McDonald; husband of Margaret Frances McDonald of Y Felinheli. Not named on Y Felinheli memorial.
  • Maguire, Richard (William Richard McGuire on memorial), Fireman. Died 15/7/42 age 38. Merchant Navy - SS Gloucester Castle (London). Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Y Felinheli to Thomas and Ellen Jane Maguire. Ship was shelled and sunk by the German raider Michel, west of Luanda, West Africa, while on voyage from Liverpool to Table Bay with 12 passengers, 142 crew and six gunners. The master and 92 passengers and crew were killed. Two lifeboats containing 61 people were picked up by the raider and taken to Japan as prisoners. Two died in captivity.
  • Owen, Emlyn, Able Seaman. Died 03/02/1943 aged 23. Merchant Navy - MV Inverilen (Glasgow). Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Bangor. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Owen; husband of Elizabeth Owen of Upper Llandwrog. Ship sunk south of Iceland.
  • Owen, Goronwy, Able Seaman. Died 26/03/1941 aged 28. Merchant Navy - SS Brier Rose (Liverpool). Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Y Felinheli. Son of Mr and Mrs H Owen of Y Felinheli. Ship sunk in the Irish Sea, it is assumed by enemy action.
  • Parry, William, Stoker 2nd Class P/KX 126636. Died 25/11/1941 aged 25. Royal Navy - HMS Barham. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Son of Robert and Mary Parry.
  • Roberts, John Owen, Master. Died 21/5/40 age 46. Merchant Navy - SS Firth Fisher (Barrow). Buried at Schiermonnikoog (Vredenhof) Cemetery, Netherlands. Born in Y Felinheli to Hugh and Ellen Mary Roberts; husband of Doris Irene Roberts of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Ship struck a mine and sunk off Boulogne. Not named on Y Felinheli war memorial.
  • Roberts, Robert Baden Powell, Driver 159558. Died 30/10/1940 aged 40. Royal Army Service Corps. Buried Llanfair-Is-Gaer (St. Mary) Churchyard. Son of William and Catherine Roberts; husband of Elizabeth Annie Roberts.
  • Thomas, Robert Dunstan, Second Officer. Died 20/4/41 age 36. Merchant Navy - SS Empire Endurance (Middlesborough). Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Y Felinheli to Robert and Minnie Thomas; husband of Teresa Thomas, of Liverpool. Ship sunk SW of Rockall. Not named on Y Felinheli memorial.
  • Williams, Owen, Bosun (Petty Officer on war memorial). Merchant Navy - SS Clarissa Radcliffe (London). Died 18/3/43 age 60. Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Y Felinheli to Owen and Ellen Williams. Ship sunk SW of Cape Farewell, Greenland.
  • Williams, Thomas Owen, Master Mariner.
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Later deaths

  • Jones, Anthony Wyn. Died 24/02/1981 aged 18. Welsh Guards. Son of Dewi and Enfys Jones of 17 Y Wern, Y Felinheli. Killed near Boat of Garten, Scotland, when the jib of a digger struck the canvas-sided army lorry in which he was travelling to skiing exercises in the Highlands.
  • Hughes, Scott Michael, Senior Aircraftsman. Died 07/11/2010 aged 20. RAF Regiment. Son of Michael and Emma Hughes. Died after being struck by a speedboat while at a British military base in Cyprus. He was on his way home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.soldier icon
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