Graves at St Mary’s churchyard, Towyn

Graves at St Mary’s churchyard, Towyn

Use the list below to find the interesting graves we’ve selected outside St Mary’s Church. Click on the person’s name for details about them.

When you go to look at the graves, please take care and remember that the ground at churchyards can be uneven.

Our page about the church and war memorial is available here.

With thanks to Lynda Griffiths and other members of the congregation

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Grave of Eric Sheldon (d.1929) - drowned aged 17 when he and colleagues took a lunch-hour bathe (look for the obelisk-shaped gravestone to the left of the main path)

Grave of William Donaghy DCM (d.2014) - awarded Dist. Conduct Medal for leadership while severely wounded in the Second World War (plaque is left of the central path through the cremation section, back of cemetery)

Memorials in churchyard wall - commemorating three people whose graves are outside the churchyard