Dyfed Archaeological Trust

Dyfed Archaeological Trust was established in 1975, one of four Welsh archaeological trusts created in response to the growing need for sites to be investigated for historic remains before buildings and other structures were constructed on those sites.

It helps to protect the historic environment by working with councils and others to monitor the impact of development. It provides information and advice about planning, site management and conservation. Dyfed Archaeological Trust also maintains the regional Historic Environment Record, which includes photographic, drawn and written records. It also records finds made by metal detectorists and members of the general public.

Dyfed Archaeological Trust helps members of the public to learn more about the history of their surroundings. It provides information about sites and finds, mounts exhibitions, publishes reports and organises talks and other activites.

More information is available at the trust's website.

HiPoints collection:
Marros hillfort - a coastal relic from the Iron Age
Site of Coygan Cave, near Laugharne - the cave was used by Neanderthal people, and later as a hyena den
Site of dynamite factory, Pembrey - thousands of women worked in the dynamite factory, some suffering fits in the polluted atmosphere
Site of filling factory, Pembrey - three women at the bomb-filling factory died in 1918 when a shell exploded