Tonyrefail war memorial

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Tonyrefail war memorial

This memorial was unveiled in 1924 to commemorate the local people who died in the First World War. The names of those who died in the Second World War and subsequent conflicts were added later.

To read their details, choose a category below. We have included several people who had connections to the area but are not named on the memorial.

The memorial is inside Trane cemetery, on the western outskirts of Tonyrefail. The war dead are listed on the pedestal, on which stands a stone statue of the winged figure of Victory.

Among those listed on the memorial is Sidney Harry Holtam, who worked as a policeman in Shanghai’s international settlement. His death in an isolation hospital in 1943 is officially classed as a war death.

With thanks to Byron Jones, of the Merchant Navy Association (Wales), for Merchant Navy research

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