Sexton’s Cottage, Llanbeblig

Link to French translationSexton’s Cottage, Llanbeblig

This cottage, near the main entrance to St Peblig’s Church, bears the date 1825 on a circular slate plaque above the doorway. It’s now a private house – please don’t enter the cottage or garden.

The building was a mortuary for the extensive cemetery beside the church. There was a large opening in the gable end facing the main road, for the horse-drawn hearse.

The building was also home to the sexton of St Peblig’s. His job was to maintain the church and churchyard, possibly including digging graves.

The lower part of the aperture for the hearse was closed up and the upper part became a window. Some of the original cobbles survive by the former hearse entrance.

The Church in Wales sold the building in 2007 but it remained empty and decaying until 2013, when a new owner began to restore the building and convert it back to residential use.

The slate plaque set in the gable reads: “Llanbeblig Parish Property. 1825. Revd J W Trevor, Vicar, D Rowlands, H Owen Church Wardens”.

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