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Mar 21, 2024

QR codes explain Preseli-Stonehenge link

New HistoryPoints QR codes in the Preseli mountains explain how the quarries which produced the bluestones found at Stonehenge form part of a rich legacy of prehistoric remnants in the uplands. At one Neolithic quarry ...

a monolith is still in situ along with wedges which were being driven in when the work was abandoned. You can find the QR codes which explain about the sources of Stonehenge bluestones by the small car park west of Mynchlog-ddu, where a footpath leads northwards to Carn Goedog. The QR codes for the 'Golden Road' prehistoric route are by the car park on Mynydd-du Commin (at the western end of the route). You can also view the information by clicking here for bluestone sources and here for the Golden Road.