About Us

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HistoryPoints was established in Conwy, North Wales, in January 2012 to exploit mobile internet technology as a means of delivering historical information to the public as they visit featured locations in Wales. By 2018, it had created QR codes for display at more than 1,400 places of interest across Wales.

The aim was also to provide a platform for societies, charities, trusts, museums, academics, councils and others to present historical information in a highly accessible format.

HistoryPoints’ QR codes are hosted on public or private property which belongs to a multitude of owners. Despite the variety of contributors and property owners, presentation to the public is consistent, right across Wales.

Traditional plaques, in metal or slate, cost much more than a HistoryPoints QR-code plaque and involve more complex procedures for installation. The same goes for interpretation boards. This means HistoryPoints and its contributors can provide bespoke historical information for more places for a given budget.

Information provided via HistoryPoints can be updated as circumstances change or as new facts come to light. Audio and/or video content is included where appropriate. In some locations, this ensures that the information is accessible to people with various forms of sensory loss.

HistoryPoints also creates a bridge between generations. By and large, older people tend to do more research on historical subjects (although there are many exceptions!) and can provide recollections from their own early decades. HistoryPoints aims to transmit some of that knowledge and enthusiasm to people of all ages, including younger people who are inseparable from their mobile phones!

Many of our visitors access our website at home, rather than by scanning the QR codes on location. Maps and links to external websites are included on our web pages to encourage those readers to visit in person.

About our logo:

Our logo was created by designer Nick Clark, who hails from the Rhymney Valley and has worked for leading design agencies in London, Sydney and New York. What does it depict? That’s up to you! Perhaps it shows a medieval gateway, like the ones in our home town of Conwy, to symbolise access to interesting information. Or it could show a castle or a church, or a bridge between your location and the information about that place which is on our website.