Table grave of Jones family, Conwy

Table grave of Jones familyTable grave of Jones family (c.1847)

This grave is topped, unusually, with a thick slab of chamfered slate which sits on six legs. Initially it commemorated four children of Richard and Martha Jones who died as babies from 1829 to 1847.

The parents were from Liverpool but had moved to Conwy. There were strong connections between Merseyside and North Wales. The inscription under the names of the babies is in Welsh (it translates as: “See! They are children, the Lord’s inheritance”), implying that at least one of the parents spoke Welsh.

The couple lost yet another baby in 1849, probably after the slate slab had been engraved with the names of the first four. A sixth child died aged 15 years. The number of child deaths recorded here and on many other gravestones in the churchyard is a reminder of how infant health has improved since then.

Martha Jones died aged 48 in 1857 and Richard aged 76 in 1881.

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