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Pontypool - Royal Navy & Marines

Royal Navy

  • Jocelyn Alfred Millard, Chief Engine Room Artificer M.3565. HM Submarine E4. Died 15/08/16. Shotley (St Mary) Churchyard. HM Submarine E4.
  • Tracey Rees, Chief Engine Room Artificer 27015. Died 05/11/15, aged 38. Portsmouth Memorial. HM Submartine E20. Son of David and Ann Rees of Pentwyn Villa, Pentwyn, Abersychan.
  • William Joseph Cann, Able Seaman Z/3217. Died 19/09/17, aged 33. Plymouth Naval Memorial. SS Etalmanor; Son of Ben and Annie Cann; Husband of Mary Cann of 6 King Street, Pontypool.
  • G A Redman, Able Seaman.
  • Arthur Simpson Protherough, Gunner J.37731. Died 30/12/15 aged 17. Portsmouth Memorial. HMS Natal. Son of AJ and Florence Protherough of 9, Salisbury Terrave, Varteg.
  • F Protherough, Gunner.
  • Alfred Joseph Allen, Ordinary Seaman J.86305. Died from disease 18/04/18 aged 18. Plymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery. HMS Vivid. Son of Thomas and Emily Allen of Rosslea, Church Road, Talywain.
  • George Raymond Gough, Ordinary Seaman Z/3673. Died 09/07/17, aged 23. Plymouth Naval Memorial. HMS Vanguard. Son of Mr and Mrs George Gough of 10 and 11 Broad Street, Abersychan.
  • George Pym, Ordinary Seaman Z/789. Died 31/05/16. Plymouth Naval Memorial. HMS Invincible.
  • Herbert Thompson, Ordinary Seaman Z/790. Died 31/05/16, aged 23. Plymouth Naval Memorial. HMS Invincible. Husband of Elizabeth Jane Thompson of Osborne Road, Pontypool.
  • Harold Thomas, Able Seaman Z/892. Died 31/05/16, aged 21. Plymouth Naval Memorial. HMS Queen Mary. Son of Charles Thomas of Highbury, St John's Crescent, Pontypool.
  • Ernest Ralph Robathan, Engine Room Artificer M.11897. Died 31/05/16 aged 28. Plymouth Naval Memorial. HMS Indfatigable. Son of Thomas and Agnes Robathan of Pontymoile; Husband of EGM Robathan of Bryn Cadog, Penygarn, Pontypool.
  • F Parker, Stoker.

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

  • Harry Berry, Able Seaman Z/891. Died 26/10/17 aged 20. Tyne Cot Memorial. Son of William Featherstone and Mary Jane Berry of 19 Bailey Street, Garndiffaith.
  • Samuel James, Able Seaman Z/1613. Died 10/11/18 aged 19. Plymouth Naval Memorial. HM Trawler Renarro. Son of John Alfred James of 20, Caradoc Street, Pentwyn, Abersychan.
  • D L Rank, Able Seaman.  
  • Alfred David John Rowland, Able Seaman Z/2738. Died 27/05/17 aged 27. Aubigny Communal Cemetery. Son of Eli and Agnes Leah Rowland of Pontypool.
  • Fred Williams, Able Seaman Z/3378. Died 22/09/17. Plymouth Naval Memorial. SS Damholme.
  • Thomas Reginald Silcock. Leading Signalman Z/668. Died 25/03/19. Pontnewynydd Cemetery. HMS President IV.

Royal Naval Division

  • William Bethel, Able Seaman Z/902. Died 13/11/16. Ancre British Cemetery.
  • T Bryan, Able Seaman.
  • John Henry Edwards, Able Seaman Z/1121. Died 13/11/16 aged 24. Ancre British Cemetery. Son of Thomas Henry and Cecilia Edwards; husband of Elizabeth Jane Edwards of 12, Buller Street, Cwmffrwdoer, Pontnewynydd.
  • Albert Fowler, Able Seaman Z/383. Royal Naval Div, Nelson Bn. Died 21/11/16 aged 22. Etaples Military Cemetery. Son of J Fowler of 30 Freeholdland, Pontnewynydd.
  • Arthur Edwin Hack, Able Seaman Z/296. Died 31/05/16, aged 24. Plymouth Naval Memorial. HMS Queen Mary. Son of Charles and Elizabeth Hack, of Walton-in-Gordano, Clevedon, Somerset.
  • Ernest Matthews, Able Seaman Z/886. Died 13/01/16. Ancre British Cemetery.
  • Edward Morgan, Able Seaman Z/633. Died 21/08/18 aged 28. Vis-En-Artois Memorial. Son of Daniel and Elizabeth Morgan, of 3, Coed Terrace, Waterloo, Talywain.
  • AI Norman, Able Seaman.  
  • James Powell, Able Seaman Z/969. Died 13/11/16 aged 21. Ancre British Cemetery.
  • A Cotterell, Leading Signalman.

Royal Marine Light Infantry

  • William Richard Josiah Walker, Private PLY/666(s). Died 13/11/16 aged 21. Thiepval Memorial. Son of Mrs Ruth Phillips of 55 River Row, Pontnewynydd.

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Pontypool - Army

12th Lancers

  • John James Denton, Regimental Sergeant Major 12898. Died 13/04/18. St Sever Cemetery.

Northumberland Yeomanry

  • T Carr, Private.

Devonshire Yeomanry

  • Ivon John Kay, Private 346123 Devonshire Light Infantry. Died 28/12/17. Jerusalem Memorial.

Durham Light Infantry

  • George Henry Buck, Private 40285. Died 04/10/17. Tyne Cot Memorial.

Rifle Brigade

  • Gordon Nichol, Private S/20367. Died 03/05/17.

36th Infantry

  • W Davies, Private

Royal Field Artillery

  • M H Watkins. Doiran Military Cemetery. Son of Thomas and Fanny Maria Watkins. Born at the Wern, Pontypool. One of seven brothers who served in the war, three of whom fell. See details below for Horace (South Wales Borderers) and Vivian (Monmouthshire Regiment).
  • Joseph Cook Sergeant 13228. Died 29/09/18. Templeaux-le-Guerard Cemetery.
  • William George Lewis, Corporal 92571. Died 19/07/16 aged 31 Died Mesopotamia Basra Memorial. Son of Richard Lewis of 31 Mardy Road, Mardy, Glamorgan.
  • Frederick Fifield, Gunner 12942. Died 19/04/17 aged 35. Athies Communal Cemetery Extension. Husband of E Fifield of 15 Afon Llwyd Terrace, Pontnewynydd.
  • John Hayes, Gunner 105478. Died 27/08/18. Vis-en-Artois Memorial.
  • Arthur Leonard Howells, Gunner 69418. Died 27/05/15 aged 24. Gallipoli Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery. Nephew of Mr George Howells of Myrtle Cottage, Brockweir, Chepstow. Of St Briavels, Glos.
  • Matthew Charles, Gunner W/1587. Died 20/07/18 aged 25. Acheux British Cemetery. Son of Eliza Ann Withey and Matthew Jenkins.
  • Thomas Larcombe, Gunner 4733. Died 29/09/17. Bard Cottage Cemetery.
  • Bertie Edward Luffman, Gunner 43333. Died 05/10/16 aged 19. St. Sever Cemetery. Native of Pontnewynydd. Son of William and Emily Luffman of Tŷ Hatch, Mamhilad, Pontypool.
  • George Moss, Gunner 75312. Died at home 29/06/16 aged 45. Pontypool (Panteg) Cemetery. Son of Henry Moss; Husband of Hannah Moss of 108 Vine Street, Hulme Manchester. Born at Pucklechurch, Bristol.
  • Fred Roberts, Gunner 19731. Died 09/09/16 aged 27. Thievpval Memorial. Son of Richard and Mary Roberts of Trosnant, Pontypool.
  • Charles Taylor, Gunner 247929. Died 02/10/18. St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen. Husband of B F A Taylor of 31 Moreton Street, Pontypool.
  • John Thomas, Gunner 14635. Died 21/05/16. Mericourt-L'Abbe Communal Cemetery Extension.
  • Thomas Thomas, Gunner 80529. Died 18/09/18 aged 27. Hermies Hill British Cemetery. Son of William Henry and Susan Thomas of 20 Forfrew Terrace, Freeholdland, Pontnewynydd.
  • Elijiah Albert Trumper, Gunner 137693. Died 15/08/17 aged 39. Menin Road South Military Cemetery. Son of Elijah Trumper of Trevethin, Pontypool.
  • Henry Herbert Watkins, Gunner 110975. Died 23/08/18 aged 26 Died Bac-du-Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval. Son of WH and Mary J Watkins of 6 Monmouth Row, Talywain.
  • Victor Howell Clark, Driver 168320. Died 28/05/17. Etaples Military Cemetery
  • Walter Dakin, Driver 222717. Died 09/04/18 aged 19. Hedauville Communal Cemetery Extension. Son of Joseph and Mary Jane Dakin of 26 Park Road, Mexborough.
  • Charles Hood, Driver 19603. Died at sea 13/08/15 aged 28. Helles Memorial. Son of William J and Margaret Hood of 54 Wolseley Street, Newport.
  • Edward Rosser, Driver 18158. Died at home 26/08/15. Aldershot Military Cemetery.
  • Reginald Edwin Taylor, Driver 116861. Died at home 05/04/16 aged 18. Newport (St Woolos) Cemetery. Son of John William and Rose Emma Taylor of 13 Charlesville, Pontnewynydd.
  • Charles Whitecombe, Gunner 258717. Died 24/10/18 aged 21. Vis-en-Artois Memorial. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Whitcombe.

Royal Garrison Artillery

  • John Bram, Gunner 44034. Died at home 20/03/17. Penygarn Baptist Burial Ground. Husband of Mrs E J Bram of 9 Lithbridge Terrace, Pentwyn, Abersychan.
  • Frank Brace, Gunner 213303. Died 31/10/18 aged 21. Mazinghien Communal Cemetery. Son of Henry and Alice Brace of Varteg Lane, Varteg.
  • William John Griffiths, Gunner 98097. Died 04/06/17 aged 21. Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery.
  • Herbert Stanley Howells, Gunner 168122. Died 20/10/18 aged 31. St, Hilaire Les Camran British Cemetery. Son of William and Jane Howells of Pontypool, Husband of Mary Elizabeth Howells of 2 Nicholas Street, Pontypool.
  • William Arthur Leonard, Gunner 175196. Died 31/10/17 aged 32. Mendinghem Military Cemetery. Son of William and Mary Leonard; husband of Hannah Maria Leonard of Woodlands, Penygarn, Pontypool.
  • William Reardon, Gunner 279299. Died 14/08/17 aged 45. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Charles A and Margaret Reardon of Talywain. Husband of Catherine Reardon of Caerwood, Manor Road, Abersychan.

Royal Engineers

  • Selwyn Dowell, Lance Corporal 43448. Died 14/02/16. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • Fred Baldwin, Sapper 108122. Died 21/03/18 aged 31. Pozieres Memorial. Son of Emily Baldwin of Golf Link Cottages, Littleover, Derby and Charles Baldwin; husband of sarah Jane Baldwin of 7, Blaeulai Street, Pen-y-Graig, Rhondda, Glam.
  • A Crane, Sapper 11464. Died 16/10/14 aged 34. Bethune Town Cemetery. Husband of Mattie Crane of West View, West Hendford, Yeovil. Served in the South African campaign.
  • T Foley, Sapper.
  • S C Jacobs, Sapper.
  • E F Jones, Sapper.
  • E O Parsons, Sapper 145132. Died 09/03/17. Mesopotamia Basra Memorial.
  • Frank Russell, Sapper 158119. Died 14/08/16. Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Mont-St. Eloi
  • F Grandace, Driver.
  • A Lewis, Driver. Died  09/09.18, aged 19. Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport. Son of John and Margaret Lewis of Blaenavon.

Royal Flying Corps

  • Ralph Lionel James, Second Lieutenant. Died 03/08/17 aged 24. Weybridge Cemetery. Son of Ralph and Anne Winnifred James of 11038, 84th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Held BSc from Cardiff University. Born in Penarth.
  • J H Wynn, Second Airman.

Grenadier Guards

  • John Darley Denton, Private 28945 Grenadier Guards. Died 27/03/18 aged 32. Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux. Son of John Darley Denton and A Denton of 173 Dean Road Scarborough.
  • Sydney Herbert, Private 16264 Grenadier Guards. Died 10/09/14. La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial.

Coldstream Guards

  • Stanley Jones, L Sgt 8872 Coldstream Guards. Died 16/09/16 aged 24. Thiepval Memorial. Son of Edwin William Jones and Sarah Ann Jones of Incline House, Manor Road, Abersychan.

Welsh Guards

  • Edwin Valentine Bishop, Private 2071. Died 10/09/16 aged 19. Thiepval memorial. Son of Henry George Bishop and Annie Kate Bishop of 4 College Terrace, Pontnewynydd. His brother George Frederick Bishop (Gloucester Regiment) also fell.
  • Howard John Lawley, Private 1433. Died 24/08/18 aged 22. Bucquoy Road cemetery, Ficheaux. Son of John and Sarah Preston Lawley of Pershore, Worcs. Born in Handborough, Oxon.
  • Lewis Watkins, Private 3237. Died 01/12/17 aged 34. Cambrai Memorial. Son of Emma and William Watkins, of 67 Trosnant, Pontypool.

Royal Lancasters

  • William Arthur Harrington, Private 35988. Died 09/04/18. Loos Memorial.

Royal Warwicks

  • James Bibey, Private 260058. Died 06/12/17. Cambrai Memorial.
  • Charles Oscar Harris, Private 675. Died 10/10/15. Thiepval Memorial.
  • William Haynes, Private 267400. Died 18/04/18 aged 30. St Venant-Robecq Road British Cemetery. Son of Edward and Annie Haynes of Wainfelin, Pontynewynydd.

Royal Fusiliers

  • Alfred Stanley Dunning, Lance Corporal L/7245. Died 21/10/14 aged 34. Le Touret memorial. Son of Frank Dunning of 4 Bath Street, Newport; Husband of Gertrude Dunning (later Clark) of 8 College Road, Penygarn, Pontypool.

Devonshire Regiment

  • Fred Jones, Private 48500. Died 16/10/17 aged 36. Etaples Military Cemetery. Husband of Hilda May Jones of Wood Villas, 26 Fowler Street, Pontypool. Native of Pontypool.
  • T Moody, Private.
  • Frederick Charles Pearce, Private 36757. Died 12/03/15 aged 20. Royal Irish Rifles Graveyard, Laventie. Son of William and Susan Pearce of 95 High Street, Pontypool. Native of Combe Raleigh, Devon.

Lancashire Fusiliers

  • Joel Thomas Ashcroft, Private 52236. Died 21/03/18 aged 19. Arras Memorial. Son of Joel and Elizabeth Campbell Ashcroft of 58 George Street, Pontypool.

Cheshire Regiment

  • William Frederick Shaw, Private 40218. Died 24/10/17 aged 21. Hooge Crater Cemetery. Son of William and Caroline Shaw, of 39 Fairfield, Talywain.
  • Harry Rees, Private 60931. Died 08/09/18. La Kreule Military Cemetery, Hazebrouck.
  • Charles William Wixey, Private 53440. Died 08/10/18. St Souplet British Cemetery.

Royal Welsh Fusiliers

  • Bernard Bayliss, Private 58510. Died 27/08/18. Longueval Road Cemetery.
  • Frederick Baxter, Private 1608. Died 10/08/15. Helles Memorial, Gallipoli.
  • Frederick Cecil, Private 69473. Died 15/09/18 aged 19. Cologne Southern Cemetery. Son of George and EA Cecil, of 67 Bryn Terrace, Talywain.
  • T Crane, Private.
  • Joseph Evans, Private 16992. Died 25/09/15. Loos Memorial.
  • Frank Flook, Private 16988. Died 03/09/16 aged 22. Thiepval Memorial. Son of Mrs Jane Flook of 9 Pembroke Terrace, Varteg.
  • Ivor Hayward, Private 13986. Died 15/11/16 aged 22. Salonika Karasouli Military Cemetery. Son of Thomas Brown Hayward and Ruth Hayward of The Bungalows, Garndiffaith.
  • J Jones, Private.
  • William Henry Matthews, Private 94056. Died 04/11/18 aged 23. Englefontaine British Cemetery. Son of Jabez and Catherine Matthews of Cartree, Charlesville, Pontnewynydd.
  • Percy Oates, Private 17455. Died 25/09/15 aged 19. Loos Memorial. Son of Charles Stanbury Oates and Susannah Oates of Mountain View, Pontnewynydd.
  • Thomas Henry Purcell, Private 56190. Died 12/06/17 aged 32. Mount Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport. Son of Henry and Rachel Pursell of King Street, Conway Lane, Pontypool.
  • William Peploe, Private 6003. Died 30/10/14. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • Aubrey Rees, Private 204462. Died 30/08/18. Daours Communal Cemetery Extension.
  • Henry Ivor Stone, Private 91420. Died 01/09/18. Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt.
  • Enos Vaux, Private 88980. Died 04/11/18 aged 19. Englefontaine British Cemetery. Son of William and Sarah Vaux of 48 Edward Street, Pontypool.

Hampshire Regiment

  • Daniel Hurley, Private 7040. Died 07/11/14 aged 27. Ploegstreert Memorial. Son of Michael and Hannah Hurley of Little Sisters, Montencotte, Cork.

South Wales Borderers

  • Horace Holmes Watkins, Second Lieutenant. Died 21/10/14 aged 23. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Thomas and Fanny Maria Watkins of The Wern, Pontypool. Brothers Vivian (Monmouthshire Regiment) and MH Watkins (Royal Field Artillery) also fell.
  • Thomas Benjamin Williams, Second Lieutenant. Died 27/05/17. Arras Memorial.
  • Thomas Joseph Watkins, Sergeant Major 17582 03/09/16 aged 34. Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension. Son of William and Emma Watkins of 67 Trosnant Street, Pontypool.
  • W J J Edwards, Sergeant.
  • Alfred Hunt, Sergeant 10940. Died 20/07/15. Cambrin Churchyard Extension.
  • George Vann, Sergeant 13244. Died 28/06/15 aged 38. Helles Memorial. Husband of Margaret Ellen Vann of 2 College Terrace, Pontnewynydd.
  • Percy Spray, Lance Sergeant 23305. Died 06/05/17 aged 19. Fins New British Cemetery, Sorel-le-Grand. Son of Charles John Spray of 8 Penywain Terrace, Wainfelin. Native of Bristol.
  • William Clarke, Corporal 39471. Died 17/08/17 aged 35. Dozinghem Military Cemetery. Husband of Matilda Clark (later Harris), of Abersychan.
  • William Perrin, Corporal 16012. Died 20/09/15. Assevillers New British Cemetery.
  • George Smithey, Corporal 14855. Died 17/06/18 aged 33. Marfaux British Cemetery. Son of Mrs A Smithey of 31 Lasgarn Place, Abersychan.
  • George Percy Coward, Lance Corporal 11224. Died 20/09/15 aged 19. Helles Memorial. Son of William and Mary Coward of 4 Kings Parade, The British, Talywain.
  • Major Phillips, Lance Corporal 22429. Died 31/07/17 aged 32. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of George and Sarah Phillips of Cinderhill St, Monmouth; husband of Florence Mary Phillips of 20 Torfaen Terrace, Pontnewynydd.
  • Stanley John Roden, Lance Corporal 39366. Died 06/05/17. Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery.
  • Joseph John Tovey, Lance Corporal 11078. Died 17/11/14. Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.
  • Ernest Weare, Lance Corporal 23534. Died at home 20/09/15. Usk (St Mary Magdalene) Churchyard.
  • Albert Edward Amos, Private 8325. Died 03/11/14 aged 35. Ypres (Mennin Gate) Memorial. Son of George and Mary Amos.
  • Edgar Barnes, Private 9304. Died 29/06/16. Englebelmer Communal Cemetery.
  • John Bethel, Private 11003. Died 31/10/14 aged 20. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bethel of 6/15 Houses, Abersychan.
  • William Bevan, Private 12609. Died 09/04/16 aged 36. Basra Memorial. Son of Thomas Bevan of 1 Glen View, Beaufort.
  • Thomas George Chivers, Private 23422. Died 06/05/17 aged 21. Thiepval memorial. Son of George and Annie Chivers, of 28 New Council Houses, Talywain.
  • Arthur John Cox, Private 39474. Died 06/06/17. St. Quentin Cabaret Military Cemetery. Son of John William Cox of Manor Rd, Abersychan.
  • George Malvern Cox, Private 25738. Died 20/10/16 aged 19. Thiepval Memorial. Brother of Mrs Jane Bullock, of 65 High Street, Abersychan.
  • William Cox, Private 24242. Died 02/09/18. Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval.
  • George Crane, Private 19652. Died 08/07/16 aged 37. Etaples Military Cemetery. Brother of Mrs TM Peake, of Race House, Pontypool.
  • Thomas Dadey, Private 33487. Died 31/08/16 aged 21. Essex Farm Cemetery. Son of Maria Dadey, of 7 Slate Row, Varteg.
  • Albert Davies, Private 20538. Died 24/07/17 aged 43. Poperinghe New Military Cemetery. Son of Thomas and Alice Davies, of 27 Beynon St, Newbridge.
  • Stanley Davies, Private 11113. Died 31/10/14. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • J Donoghue, Private.
  • Frank Alfred Dowding, Private 27205. Died 03/03/17. Mesopotamia Amara War Cemetery
  • J Garvin, Private.
  • Joshua Gould, Private 13273. Died 01/07/16. Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No.2, Auchonvillers.
  • William Grant, Private 23733. Died 25/11/17. Cambrai Memorial.
  • Thomas Griffiths, Private 8344. Died 21/08/15 aged 28. Helles Memorial. Husband of Elizabeth Griffiths, of 9, 12 Houses, Pentwyn, Abersychan.
  • Ivor Westley Harcourt Hayes, Private 13258. Died 07/08/15. Helles Memorial.
  • George Thomas Hawkins, Private 17015. Died 30/05/18. Soissons Memorial.
  • Ivor Hern, Private 11403. Died 25/08/16 aged 25. Thiepval Memorial. Son of William and Eliza Jane Hern, of 58 Machine Meadow, Pontnewynydd.
  • David John Hern, Private 17139. Died 15/09/18 aged 25. Germany Sedan-Torcy French National Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs Augustus Hern, of Westley Cottage, Tranch, Pontypool.
  • Jeremiah Hoffman, Private 10235. Died 31/10/14 aged 25. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Husband of Emma Fitzgerald (Formerly Hoffman), of 20 Albion Rd, Pontypool.
  • Peter George Hoffman, Private 25861. Died 25/01/15. Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery
  • James Howells, Private 13265. Died 17/08/15. Gallipoli 7th Field Ambulance Cemetery
  • Alfred Hunt, Private 10940. Died 20/07/15. Cambrin Churchyard Extension.
  • William Hyatt, Private 13747. Died 18/05/16. Abbeville Communal Cemetery.
  • William James, Private 16986. Died 19/07/16. Albert Communal Cemetery Extension.
  • Llewellyn Jenkins, Private 13380. Died 21/11/15 aged 25. Gallipoli Skew Bridge Cemetery. Son of Ralph and Agnes Jenkins, of , Park View, Freeholdland, Pontnewynydd.
  • Arthur Jones, Private 13257. Died 20/10/16 aged 20. Thiepval Memorial. Son of John Jones, of 1 Sawtells Square, Pentrepiod, Pontypool.
  • Arthur Jones, Private 10706. Died 09/09/16. Millencourt Communal Cemetery Extension.
  • W H Jones, Private.
  • Henry Killingback, Private 22103. Died 10/07/16 aged 20. Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz. Son of Mrs AM Killingback, of 12 Crane St, Pontypool.
  • Walter Philip King, Private 10438. Died 01/07/16 aged 25. Thiepval memorial. Son of Philip and Jane King, of Neville St, Garndiffaith.
  • David Lloyd, Private 14492. Died 26/07/16 aged 35. Dantzig Alley Military Cemetery, Mametz. Son of Griffith Lloyd, of Castle Yard, George Street, Pontypool.
  • William Henry Manley, Private 28346. Died 11/04/18. Ploegstreert Memorial.
  • William Morris, Private 13805. Died 08/05/15 aged 24. Helles Memorial. Son of John and Pollie Morris, of Rose Cottages, Cwmavon, Varteg.
  • E Pearce, Private.
  • Richard Peploe, Private 11860. Died 20/02/16 aged 26. Arras Memorial. Son of John Peoploe, of 344 Edward St, Pontypool.
  • Stanley Phillips, Private 11938. Died 26/09/15. Loos Memorial.
  • Albert Clement Price, Private 13769. Died 15/04/18 aged 26. Ploegstreert memorial. Son of William and Susan Price, of 9 Park View, Freeholdland, Pontnewynydd.
  • John Price, Private 7950. Died 31/10/14 aged 27. Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery. Son of Thomas and Anna Price, of Cwmavon; husband of Mary E Price (later Miles) of Batchelors Row, Viaduct Rd, Garndiffaith.
  • Evan Price, Private 22003. Died 31/07/17 aged 36. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of David and Polly Price, of Oakdale House, Snatchwood, Abersychan; husband of Alice Maud Price (later George) of 6 Gas Square, Abersychan.
  • Aubrey Rees, Private 204462. Died 30/08/18. Daours Communal Cemetery Extension
  • David James Rees, Private 7867. Died 14/05/15. Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension.
  • Arthur Roberts, Private 10709. Died 26/09/14 aged 24. La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial. Son of David and Sarah Roberts, of 6 Kitchener St, Cwmffrwdoer; husband of Hester A Roberts (later Parsons) of 40 Plasycoed Rd, Cwmffrwdoer, Pontypool.
  • Charles Scammel, Private 33469. Died 23/08/17. Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. Son of C Scammell, of 74 George St, Pontnewynydd.
  • Stanley Smart, Private 265594. Died 22/11/17 aged 25. Cambrai Memorial. Son of Mrs Mary Smart, of 19 Snatchwood Rd, Abersychan.
  • Charles Smith, Private 39378. Died 07/05/17 aged 35. Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery. Husband of Eliza Smith of 6 Llanover Row, Pontnewynydd
  • J Smith, Private.
  • Harry Shorthouse, Private 11800. Died 06/06/15 aged 20. Le Touret Memorial. Son of Mrs M E Shorthouse, of 20 Afon Llwyd Terrace, Pontnewynydd.
  • William Stone, Private 7933. Died 31/10/14. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • William Thomas, Private 17627. Died 03/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • Tremlett, Private 11607. Died 14/10/15. Loos Memorial.
  • Henry James Whittington, Private 25860. Died 03/10/16. Salonika (Lembert Road) Military Cemetery. Son of Mrs Sarah Whittington, of near Wellington Inn, Tranch, Pontypool.
  • G Williams, Private.
  • Percy Williams, Private 16972. Died 09/04/18 aged 25. Ploegstreert Memorial. Brother of Mrs J Garland of 18 Earl St, Garndiffaith.
  • Albert Woffenden, Private 9821. Died 01/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • Joseph Yemm, Private 13735. Died 10/11/17 aged 29. Tyne Cot Memorial. Son of Llewellyn and Agnes Yemm of 9 John St, Pontypool.
  • Reginald Griffiths, Private 31688. Died 11/04/18 aged 24. Ploegstreert Memorial. Son of Mrs Elizabeth Griffiths, of Canal Cottage, Llanover, Abergavenny.
  • David Watkins, Private 9383. Died 21/10/14. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

Monmouthshire Regiment

  • Alfred John Hamilton Bowden, Lt Colonel. Died 02/03/17 aged 31. Guards Cemetery, Combles. Son of Alfred Edward and Emily Marianne Bowen of Usk; husband of Jean Gertrude Wilton of Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Vivian Holmes Watkins, Captain. Died 20/02/15 aged 25. Pontypool (Panteg) Cemetery. Son of Thomas and Fanny Watkins, of The Wern, Pontypool. Brothers Horace (South Wales Borderers) and MH Watkins (Royal Field Artillery) also fell.
  • Henry James Walters, Lieutenant. Died 05/05/15 aged 26. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of John and Marieanne Isabella Walters of Pentwyn House, Foundry Rd, Abersychan
  • John Rowland Williams, Lieutenant. Died 27/09/17 aged 23. Tyne Cot Memorial. Son of Ricvhard Henry and Ellen Elizabeth Williams, of Church Farm, Panteg, Pontypool.
  • Reginald King, Second Lieutenant. Died 15/09/18 aged 25. Heath Cemetery, Harbonneres. Son of Joshua and EA King of The British, Talywain.
  • Arthur Llewellyn Meredith, Second Lieutenant. Died 04/06/18 aged 23. Pernes British Cemetery. Son of William and Leah Ann Meredith, of Pontypool.
  • John Edward Paton, Second Lieutenant. Died 31/12/14 aged 19. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of John and Susan Paton, of Waun Wer, Pontypool.
  • William John Booth, Colour Sergeant Major 2020. Died 08/05/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • John Stanley Granger, Colour Sergeant Major 177. Died 01/07/16 aged 26. Thiepval Memorial. Son of Joseph and Hannah Granger, of Bradley House, Pontypool Rd, Pontypool.
  • Henry Dowse, Colour Sergeant Major 2755. Died 12/07/16 aged 30. Hamel Military cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel. Son of Thomas and Alice Dowse; husband of Sophie Eliza Dowse of 61 Lancing Rd, West Croydon.
  • Granville Berrow, Sergeant 2390. Died 24/01/17 aged 23. Combles Communal Cemetery Extension. Son of Samuel and Rachel Berrow of 29 Oakdale Place, Pontnewynydd.
  • Thomas James Butcher, Sergeant 265588. Died 07/07/17 aged 21. Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs John Butcher, of Ship Hotel, Pontypool.
  • William Parsons, Sergeant 2160. Died 13/01/15. Bailleul Communal Cemetery.
  • Williams Prosser, Sergeant 265924. Died 26/04/18. Estaples Military Cemetery.
  • W H Waite, Sergeant.
  • John West, Sergeant 265780. Died 25/11/17 aged 25. Anneux British Cemetery. Son of John and Annie West; husband of Elizabeth West of 4 Matthew Terrace, Pontrepiod, Ponmtnewynydd.
  • Edward McCarthy, Corporal 2826. Died 24/02/15. St Sever Cemetery, Rouen.
  • Charles Henry Slade, Corporal 152. Died 28/01/15 aged 27. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of Solomon Slade, of 62 Hanbury Terrace, Pontnewynydd.
  • Charles Williams, Corporal 65. Died 17/03/15 aged 35. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of John and Jane Williams, of Pontypool. Lived at 17 Penygraig Terrace, Pontypool.
  • Harry Woods, Corporal 796. Died 23/12/14. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery.
  • A Cotterell, Lance Corporal.
  • Edward Evans, Lance Corporal 1682. Died 30/12/14. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery.
  • Henry Holmes, Lance Corporal 266074. Died 12/04/18 aged 38. Ploegstreert Memorial. Son of Daniel and Elizabeth Holmes of 47 Bright Street, Gorse Hill, Swindon; husband of Florence Holmes of 10 Dean Street, Larkbeare, Exeter.
  • Albert Horton, Lance Corporal 2285. Died 05/05/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • Percy Jones, Lance Corporal 2087. Died 13/01/15 aged 20. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of William and Maria Jones of 77 George Street, Pontypool.
  • Henry Colin Lewis, Lance Corporal 3253. Died 29/12/15 aged 20. Ferme-Olivier Cemetery. Son of David and Lamma Lewis, of Garndiffaith, Nr Pontypool.
  • William John Leyshon, Lance Corporal 1573. Died 30/07/15 aged 19. Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre Only. Son of John and Margaret Leyshon, of Pontypool.
  • Dudley Lovell, Lance Corporal 204796. Died 14/04/18 aged 29. Ploegstreert Memorial. Son of Allen L Lovell and R Lovell, of 77 Osborne Rd, Pontypool.
  • Joseph Morgan, Lance Corporal 13001. Died 09/08/15 aged 29. Helles Memorial. Husband of Ada Morgan, of 47 Grange Road, Pontnewynydd.
  • Albert Pearce, Lance Corporal 2330. Died 08/05/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • E Winston, Lance Corporal.
  • William Albert Auther, Private 2236. Died 03/05/15 aged 17. La Brique Military Cemetery No.2. Son of Jane Auther, of 12 Rochfield Houses, Osborne Rd, Pontypool.
  • Charles Henry Bond, Private 2169. Died 13/06/15 aged 18. Elzenwalle Brasserie Cemetery. Son of Samuel and Sarah Jane Bond, of Bird Hill, Tranch, Pontypool.
  • George Charles Badham, Private 2803. Died 11/05/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • Thomas Biggs, Private 265995. Died 14/10/18. Ypres Reservior Cemetery.
  • Arthur John Bullock, Private 3238. Died 01/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • William Butcher, Private 3121. Died 22/07/16. Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart
  • William Henry Cawsey, Private 1877. Died 21/01/17 aged 25. Guards Cemetery, Lesboeufs. Son of Henry Cawsey, of 3 Cole Brooke Cottage, Totnes, Devon.
  • Walter George Chance, Private 266123. Died 12/04/18. Ploegstreert Memorial. Was a bell ringer at St Cadoc’s Church, Trevethin.
  • Michael Clancey, Private 265258. Died 24/05/17. Monchy British Cemetery, Monchy-le-Preux.
  • Edward Cooper, Private 2165. Died 22/07/16 aged 27. Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart. Son of Edward Cooper of The Markee Tavern, Pontypool.
  • George Henry William Dare, Private 2433. Died 04/04/15. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery.
  • E Dare, Private.
  • Grosvenor Alfred Davis, Private 265627. Died 12/07/17 aged 21. Etaples Military Cemetery. Son of George and Edith Davis, of 3 Glanwern Terrace, Pontypool.
  • Lewis John Davies, Private 2525. Died 07/05/15 aged 21. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Arthur and Ellen Davies of 21 Ventnor Rd, Cwmbran. His brother Arthur also fell.
  • Joseph Edwards, Private 1177. Died 18/03/15 aged 19. Bailleul Communal Cemetery. Son of William and Susannah Edwards 62 Trosnant St, Pontypool.
  • John Evans, Private 3360. Died 25/10/16. Bancourt British Cemetery.
  • T H Flellow, Private.
  • Timothy Gallivan, Private 1598. Died 20/04/15. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery.
  • Levi George, Private 2325. Died 22/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • E Gibbon, Private.
  • Edwin Gibson, Private 1699. Died 01/07/16. Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsaet.
  • T H Gwyne, Private.
  • T Hannett, Private.
  • Elias Morgan Harris, Private 10785. Died 20/08/15. Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery.
  • J Hill, Private.
  • William Henry Hitchings, Private 2311. Died 30/12/14. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery.
  • John James, Private 3389. Died 20/07/16 aged 20. Hamel Military Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel. Son of Mrs Annie Clifford James of The Kings Arms, Trosnant, Pontypool.
  • J Jaynes, Private.
  • Jehoiada Jenkins, Private 2471. Died at home 19/05/15. Pontypool (Panteg) Cemetery
  • Alfred James Jones, Private 2848. Died 05/05/15 aged 30. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of William and Sarah Jones, of 35, Lower Church St, Chepstow; husband of Susan Jones (later Smith) of 13 Cambria St, Griffithstown.
  • George Jones, Private 3312. Died 21/11/16. Guards Cemetery, Lesboeufs.
  • J Jones, Private.
  • Robert Alfred Jones, Private 265626. Died 30/11/17. Gouzeaucourt New British Cemetery.
  • R Jones, Private.
  • William Edward Jones, Private 2419. Died 05/05/15 aged 34. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Elias and Elizabeth Jones, of Primrose Cottage, Tranch, Pontypool.
  • Ernest Long, Private 2405. Died 01/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • George Thomas Lester, Private 46. Died 14/12/14 aged 34. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of William and Lucy J Lester of 3 Moreton St, Pontypool.
  • Godfrey Lewis, Private 265649. Died 30/11/17 aged 24. Cambrai Memorial. Son of William and Mary Lewis of Ashley House, Moreton St, Pontypool.
  • Arthur Edward Lilwall, Private 2915. Died 24/06/15 aged 19. Etaples Military Cemetery. Son of William and Charlotte Lilwall, of Shobdon, Herefordshire.
  • Ernest Long, Private 2405. Died 01/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • Harry Herbert John Middle, Private 3411. Died 06/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • John Mogford, Private 2764. Died 08/05/15 aged 17. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Mr and Mrs S Mogford, of 5 Holyoake, Pontnewynydd.
  • Stephen Hubert Morgan, Private 2814. Died 04/05/15 aged 18. Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery. Son of David James and Hannah Morgan, of 4 Co-operative Buildings, Talywain.
  • Thoros Morris, Private 1609. Died 11/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • Henry Moseley, Private 2176. Died 29/11/16. Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte.
  • Walter Needs, Private 266232. Died 12/04/18 aged 36. Ploegstreert Memorial. Son of John and Mary Needs.
  • Reginald Newman, Private 2386. Died 20/01/15 aged 20. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of Enoch and Elizabeth Newman, of 2, Club Row, Tranch, Pontypool.
  • Frank Philip Nicholls, Private 266090. Died 12/04/18. Ploegstreert Memorial.
  • Arthur Nunnerley, Private 266087. Died 01/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • Ernest Palfrey, Private 2341. Died 25/12/14 aged 21. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of Charles and Ann Palfrey, of Ael-y-Bryn, Ffrwd Rd, Abersychan
  • Richard William Rees, Private 130. Died 03/12/14 aged 24. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of George C and Mary Rees, of 18 Hanbury Road, Pontewynydd.
  • John Roberts, Private 1891. Died at home 25/04/16 aged 50. Trevethin (St Cadocs) Churchyard. Son of John and Elizabeth Roberts, of Pontypool.
  • Albert Rowland, Private 1991. Died 22/01/15. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery
  • Joe Rowlands, Private 15073. Died 08/10/16 aged 21. Etaples Military Cemetery. Son of Tom and Harriet Rowlands, of Pontnewydd.
  • Thomas George Saunders, Private 2836. Died at home 22/07/16 aged 22. Trevethin (St Cadocs) Churchyard. Son of James and Lucy Saunders of 7 Helpstone Terrace, Wainfelin.
  • Reginald Savery, Private 3035. Died 09/01/16 aged 27. Villers-Bocage Communal Cemetery Extension. Son of Tom and Edith Savery, of 23 High St, Abersychan.
  • James Shanly, Private 13215. Died 27/09/15 aged 26. Egypt Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial. Cemetery. Son of John Shanly; husband of Maud Martin (formerly Shaly), of 80 George St, Pontnewynydd.
  • James Arthur Shaw, Private 265860. Died 12/04/18 aged 31. Ploegstreert Memorial. Husband of Blodwen Day (formerly Shaw), of 25 Turners lane, Trosnant St, Pontypool.
  • Thomas Strong, Private 265332. Died 02/12/17. Cambrai Memorial.
  • Arthur Taylor, Private 265909. Died 01/07/17 aged 19. Bard Cottage Cemetery. Son of George and MA Taylor, of 75 George St, Pontnewynydd.
  • A J Taylor, Private.
  • Edmund Thomas, Private 2804. Died 08/05/15 aged 27. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of James and Elizabeth Thomas, of 1 Old Green Rd, Pontnewynydd.
  • John George Thomas, Private 2977. Died 02/05/15. New Irish Farm Cemetery.
  • William Samuel Thomas, Private 37656. Died 23/11/17 aged 24. Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard Extension. Husband of Maud Thomas (later Barber) of 8 Nicholas St, Pontypool.
  • Charles Vernall, Private 2675. Died 08/05/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • John Vernall, Private 228011. Died 03/06/17 aged 29. Arras Memorial. Son of Charles and Janet Vernall, of 20 Tuller St, Cwnffrwdoer, Pontypool.
  • William Joseph Warren, Private 265661. Died 23/10/17 aged 22. Bard Cottage Cemetery. Son of William and Sarah warren, of Little Bailey, Glas, Cwmavon, Varteg.
  • Herbert James Watkins, Private 2385. Died 03/05/15 aged 21. La Brique Military Cemetery No.2. Son of James and Rachel Watkins, of Gilly Pystill, Tranch, Pontypool.
  • William James Witcombe, Private 2365. Died 25/05/15 aged 37. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Husband of Martha Ann Witcombe (later James) of 42 Front St, Pontymoile.
  • Charles Williams, Private 2563. Died at home 06/10/14 aged 46. Penygarn Baptist Burial Ground. Husband of Margaret Ann Williams of 3 Rockfield Terrace, Osborne Rd, Pontypool. Born in Pontypool.

Gloucester Regiment

  • George Fredrick Bishop, Corporal 11763. Died 18/11/16 aged 24. Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval. Son of Mr HG and Annie Kate Bishop, of 4 College Terrace, Pontnewynydd. Worked as a groom to Dr Davies of Gaidarwen, Cardiff, before the war. His brother Edwin Valentine Bishop (Welsh Guards) also fell.
  • Ernest Griffith Waters, Corporal 260357. Died 07/10/17 aged 40. Godewaersvelde British Cemetery. Husband of Sarah A Waters, of Old Lion Houses, Abersychan.
  • Pryce Williams, Corporal 37687. Died 25/08/18 aged 22. Queens Cemetery, Bucquoy. Son of Mr and Mrs H Willimas, of Little Grove House, Cwmavon, Pontypool. Edward Grimes, Private 36771. Died 04/11/18 aged 26. Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-Au-Bois. Son of Thomas and Rose Grimes, of 9 Bryn Terrace, Pontnewynydd.
  • Godfrey Heaven, Private 260459. Died 04/10/17 aged 31. Tyne Cot Memorial. Son of Thomas and Mary Ann Heaven, of Station House, Abersychan.
  • James Henry Lang, Private 9550. Died 10/02/17 aged 23. Mesopotamia Amara War Cemetery. Son of James and Elizabeth Lang, of 9 Railway Parade, Pontnewynydd.

Worcestershire Regiment

  • Walter Powell, Private 207459. Died 15/08/18 aged 20. Tannay British Cemetery, Thiennes. Son of Mr and Mrs W Powell, of 21 Rochdale Terrace, Charlesville, Pontnewynydd.
  • Hugh Ruddock, Private 27459. Died 24/08/16 aged 27. Serre Road Cemetery No.2. Son of C A and AG Ruddock, of 11 Osborne Rd, Pontypool.
  • James Thomas, Private 8444. Died 12/03/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • James Tutton, Private 8442. Died 23/11/16. Mesopotamia Amara War Cemetery. Brother of Ada Tutton. Lived in Pontnewynydd.

East Surrey Regiment

  • H Palmer, Private

Royal Sussex Regiment

  • Charles Shelton, Private GS/881 Royal Sussex Regt. Died 09/05/15 aged 36. Le Touret Memorial. Husband of B Shelton (later Osbourne) of 4 Bushey Park, Wainfelin.

Lancashire Regiment

  • Raymond Clarence Badman, Second Lieutenant. Died 21/10/18. Spiere (Espierres) Churchyard.
  • William James Gilbert Bishop, Private 10056. Died 23/03/18. Pozieres Memorial.

South Staffs Regiment

  • Percy Ernest Rapson, Private 8402 South Staffs Regt. Died 30/10/14. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

Welsh Regiment

  • William Samuel Carter, Private 23820. Died 07/07/16. Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz.
  • R Davies, Private.
  • M Foley, Private.
  • William John Hale, Private 32901. Died 08/08/15 aged 26. Helles Memorial. Son of William and Sarah Watson Hale, of 121 Lewis St, Crumlin, Newport.
  • R D Harris, Private.
  • Robert Hayward, Private 33322. Died 12/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • John Lloyd, Private 266712. Died 25/11/17. Cambrai Memorial.
  • William Miller, Private 266689. Died 23/08/17. Mendinghem Military Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs Miller, of 12 Gladstone Terrace, Varteg.
  • W J Pike, Private.
  • James Purchase, Private 285117. Died 04/08/17. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • William Henry Yemm, Private 36078. Died 07/10/15 aged 25. St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen. Son of Llewellyn and Agnes Yemm, of 9 John St, Pontypool.

Loyal North Lancaster Regiment

  • A Edwards, Lance Corporal.
  • William Thomas, Lance Corporal 33888. Died 28/04/17. Canadian Cemetery No.2, Neuville-St Vaast.
  • George Thomas, Private 31248. Died 08/10/18 aged 24. Proville British Cemetery. Son of Edward and Mary Thomas, of 45 Trosnant, Pontypool.
  • William Charles Watkins, Private 39069. Died 16/10/18 aged 27. Dadizeele New British Cemetery. Son of Charles and Emily Watkins, of 51, High St, Abersychan. Born in Brecon.

Kings Royal Yorkshire Light Infantry

  • Dennis Whitehouse, Private 14454. Died at home 24/07/16. Garndiffaith (St John's) Burial Ground.

Kings Royal Rifle Corps

  • James Gilbert RFM R/9146. Died 12/07/16 aged 34. Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle. Son of Pricilla Gilbert, of 2 Dents Buildings, Abersychan.
  • Tom Higgins RFM 419041. Died 24/09/18. Vis-en-Artois Memorial.
  • Charles Samuel Scrivens RFM A/205001. Died 05/04/18. Arras Memorial.

Kings Shropshire Light Infantry

  • Albert James Lewis, Lance Corporal 10030. Died 22/10/14 aged 20. Bois-Grenier Communal cemetery. Son of Mrs M A Lewis, of 27, Ruby St, Cardiff.
  • D Lovell, Lance Corporal.
  • William Joseph Smith, Lance Corporal 14814. Died 24/06/17 aged 33. Noreuil Australian Cemetery. Son of William and Margaret Smith, of Newport; husband of Clara A Smith, of 15 Nursery Avenue, Onchan, Isle of Man.
  • J Cook, Private.
  • Thomas Edward Roberts, Private 16693. Died 28/03/18 aged 35. Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux. Husband of Margaret A Roberts of 21 George Street, Pontnewynydd.
  • T Woodland, Private.
  • Fredrick Yelland, Private 6245. Died 09/08/15 aged 21. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Ernest and Mary Yelland of 18 Albion House, Freeholdland, Pontnewynydd.


  • Owen Sinclair Jones, Private 13/371. Died 30/06/15 aged 20. Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli. Son of Alexander Owen and Jessie Jones, of 24 Rostrevor St, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Machine Gun Corps

  • William Henry Price, Second Lieutenant. Died 23/08/17 aged 22. Tyne Cot Memorial. Son of Charles and Elizabeth Price, of Woodstock, 59 Blaendare Rd, Pontypool. Native of Panteg.
  • George Allen, Private 141979. Died 21/03/18. Arras Memorial.
  • WJ Gill, Private.
  • Wilfred James, Private 87012. Died 07/08/18 aged 20. Glageon Communal Cemetery. Son of Ernest and Elizabeth James, of Bryn House, High St, Abersychan.
  • William John Jenkins, Private 8397. Died 05/07/16 aged 32. Thiepval Memorial. Son of William and Martha Jenkins, of 1 The Laurels, Tranch, Pontypool.
  • George Bert Pope, Private 114470. Died 30/10/18. Denain Communal Cemetery.
  • Simon Waite, Private 102009. Died 28/12/17. Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, Manancourt.
  • Herbert Williams, Private 90686. Died 18/09/17 aged 30. Tyne Cot Memorial. Husband of Florence Emily Williams, of Haverford, 4 Manor Rd, Abersychan.
  • Frank Harold Smith, Second Lieutenant 9th Tank Corp. 02/09/18. Dury Mill British Cemetery. Son of Mr FA Smith, of Tŷ Bryn, Abersychan.
  • A E Jenkins, Private, 9th Tank Corp.
  • Alfred Watkins, Gunner 308733. 9th Tank Corp. Died 29/09/18. Vis-en-Artois Memorial.

Labour Corps

  • John Jenkins, Private 428774. Died at home 11/03/18. Cwmbran Cemetery.
  • Idris Jones, Private 38094. Died at home 03/08/18. Blaenavon (St Peter) Churchyard.
  • John William Knott, Private 22581. Died 08/10/18 aged 20. Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gouy. Son of John W and Margaret Knott, of 42 Milton Avenue, Stonebridge Park, London.
  • Frank Morris, Private 6927. Died 15/08/17 aged 33. Brandhoek New Military Cemetery. Son of George Henry and Alice Morris, of Whaley Bridge, Stockport.
  • W C Taylor, Private.

Royal Army Service Corps

  • A Prosser, Private
  • Louis Alfred Mills, Private M2/181555. Died 10/04/17 aged 22. Balkans Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamara. Awarded Croix de Guerre. Son of Louis Alfred Mills and Ada Elizabeth Carey (formerly Mills), of Holly Tree Cottage, Garndiffaith, Pontypool. Born in Birmingham.
  • G Tipton, Private.
  • C E Shackleton, Private.
  • E Taylor, Private.
  • S Smith, Private.

Royal Army Medical Corps

  • David James Barwood, Private 106677. Died 19/08/18 aged 23. Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport. Son of Thomas and Lydia Barwood, of Snatchwood, near Pontypool.
  • W A Hopkins, Private.
  • Arthur Hugh Parry, Private 27126. Died at home 02/12/18 aged 32. Pontypool (Panteg) Cemetery. Son of William Parry, of Griffithstown.
  • Albert Thomas, Private 33006. Died 05/05/18 aged 21. Lille Southern Cemetery. Son of Mrs Margaret Thomas, of 41 Wern Rd, Sebastopol.
  • W Wylie, Private.

Royal Army Ordnance Corps

  • S Williams, Sergeant.

Volunteer Aid Detachment

  • O Jenkins, Nurse.

Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

  • L Saint, Quartermaster.

Unidentified Units

  • Henry Cecil Allmark, Private 90994. The Kings Own (Liverpool Regiment. Died 30/08/18 aged 20. HAC Cemetery, Escourt-St Mein.). Son of Albert and Annie Allmark, of Crompton, Penygarn Rd, Pontypool.
  • John Bigham, Gunner 4214. Royal Garrison Artillery. Died at home 13/07/15 aged 39. Sheerness cemetery, Isle of Sheppey. Son of Joseph and Caroline Bigham, of 14 Rockfield Terrace, Osborne Rd, Pontypool; husband of Sarah Jane Bigham.
  • J Broderick.
  • J Cook.
  • W Cotterell.
  • Gerlad Rees Davies, Private 39875. South Wales Borderers. Died 11/06/17 aged 23. Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Son of Daniel and Sarah Davies, of 8 School View, Pontymoile, Pontypool.
  • Joshua Edwards, Private 84822. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Died 10/06/17 aged 28. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Died. Son of Mrs Elizabeth Edwards, of 19 Richmond Rd, Pontnewynydd.
  • Thomas Evans, Driver 30298. Royal Field Artillery. Died 23/03/18. Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery Extension.
  • Joseph Griffin, Lance Corporal 12730. South Wales Borderers. Died 10/02/17. Basra Memorial.
  • Thomas Haymond, Private 2748. Monmouthshire Regiment. Died 08/05/15 aged 24. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Thomas Samuel and Rachel Haymond, of Albion Road, Pontypool; husband of Mary Ann Haymond, of 8 West St, Pontypool.
  • G Holloway.
  • William James Jeremiah, Private. South Wales Borderers. Died 11099 19/06/15 aged 21. Helles Memorial. Son of Benjamin and Rachel Jerimiah.
  • W Kelly.
  • William Trevor Morgan, Private. Royal Fusilliers. Died 2984 24/11/15 aged 29. Woburn Abbey Cemetery, Cuinchy. Son of the Rev Edward Morgan and Mary Morgan of Usk Vicarage.
  • William Parker, Private 20118. South Wales Borderers. Died 23/08/17. Tyne Cot Memorial.
  • Albert Powell, Private 14771. South Wales Borderers. Died 22/08/15. Helles Memorial.
  • A Price.
  • William Alonzo Roden, Private G/13608. Royal Fusilliers. Died 01/07/15 aged 34. East Africa Kajiado Cemetery. Son of George and Sarah Roden; husband of Maud Roden, of 51 Marlborough Rd, Newport.
  • W G Thomas, Private.
  • W Whitcombe.

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Not named on Pontypool war memorial

The following war dead are not named on the memorial but lived or enlisted in Pontypool or had close family connections with the area.

  • William Henry Bishop, Guardsman 15838. Grenadier Guards. Died 10/03/15. Le Touret Memorial.
  • Thomas Brown, Private 3400. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 20/07/16. Hamel Military Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel.
  • Frederick Thomas Cole, Private 63833. Royal Welch Fusiliers. Died at sea 15/04/17 aged 37. Mikra Memorial. Son of Alfred John and Rose Coles, of 12 Fairlawn Rd, Montpelier, Bristol.
  • George Davies, Private 3059. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 07/05/15 aged 32. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Husband of Harriet Annn Davies, of 129 Gelli Road, Gelli, Ystrad Rhondda.
  • Henry Davies, Sergeant 48318. Rifle Brigade. Died 27/08/18. AIF Burial Ground, Flers.
  • Joshua Davies, Private 12309. South Wales Borderers. Died 07/08/15 aged 19. Helles Memorial. Son of John Davies.
  • Thomas Dudley, Private 21775. South Wales Borderers. Died 07/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • William Rees Edmunds, Private 120236. Machine Gun Corps. Died 29/03/18 aged 31. Pozieres Memorial. Son of Mrs Elizabeth Edmunds, of Lowlands, Pontnewydd.
  • Albert Edwards, Private 27242. Welsh Regt. Died 13/02/17. Mesopotamia Amara War Cemetery.
  • Thomas Harold Edwards, Corporal 16093. Scottish Rifles. Died 27/01/16. Loos Memorial.
  • Thomas Henry Gough, Private 25256. South Wales Borderers. Died 12/10/18 aged 23. Died at Home Pontnewynydd (Ebenezer) United Reformed Churchyard. Son of Thomas and Rachel Gough, of Trevethin Cottages, Pontypool.
  • Benjamin Griffiths, Private 14598. King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. Died 13/11/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • Leonard Gurney, Private 23432. South Wales Borderers. Died 28/14/17 aged 21. Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, Manancourt. Son of Williams and Harriet Gurney, of Herefordshire.
  • Henry Harold Hall, Private G/40023. Middlesex Regt. Died 26/09/16 aged 31. Thiepval Memorial. Son of James and Susan Hall, of Melrose House, Griffithstwon.
  • Ivor Wesley Harcourt Hayes, Private 13258. South Wales Borderers. Died 07/08/15. Helles Memorial.
  • Tom Higgins, Private 419041. London Regt. Died 24/09/18. Vis-en-Artois Memorial.
  • William Reginald Hill, Gunner 164945. Royal Field Artillery. Died 18/09/17 aged 21. Etaples Military Cemetery. Husband of Ethel Hill, of The Rectory Cottage, Brampton Abbotts, Herefordshire.
  • John Robert Hughes, Private 7499. Duke of Cornwall Lgt Infy. Died 10/09/14. La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial.
  • Charles Humphreys, Private 52597. Manchester Regt. Died 02/10/17 aged 19. Bard Cottage Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs G Humphreys, of 7 School View, Pontymoile, Pontypool.
  • Owen Humphreys, Private 27188. South Wales Borderers. Died 12/11/16 aged 20. Pozieres British Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs George Humphreys, of 7 School View, Pontymoile, Pontypool.
  • Benjamin Jenkins, Private 60688. South Lancashire Regt. Died 26/02/17 aged 30. Treorchy Cemetery.
  • Fredrick James Jones, Sergeant 36088 Welsh Regt. Died 25/05/15 aged 42. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Frederick and Alice Jones. Also served 12 years with South Wales Borderers.
  • William Keefe, Lance Corporal 2658. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 26/04/15 aged 29. Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of John and Anna Keefe, of Talywain.
  • Herbert William Kilminster A/Sgt 1124. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 26/05/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • William King, Gunner 62647. Royal Field Artillery. Died 15/07/16 aged 35. Englebelmer Communal Cemetery. Husband of Ellen King, of 44 Commercial Street, Griffithstown.
  • Charles Kirtland, Private 3373. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 01/07/16. Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart.
  • Percy Thomas Lewis, Lance Corporal 31083. South Wales Borderers. Died 02/07/18 aged 22. Varennes Military Cemetery. Son of W and A Lewis, of Ty’r-Ewen, Goytre, near Pontypool.
  • Robert Kenneth Lewis, Corporal 2634. Monmouthshire Regt. Died at home 08/06/15. Pontypool (Panteg) Cemetery.
  • Herbert Alfred Percival Morgan, Private 48015. Welsh Regt. Died 01/10/18 aged 27. Died Salonika Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria. Son of Alfred and Elizabeth Morgan, of 10 Clytha Square, Newport.
  • George Parsons, Corporal 266007. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 08/07/17. Bard Cottage Cemetery.
  • Benjamin Thomas Powell, Private 14432. South Wales Borderers. Died 30/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.
  • Bert Price, Private 2252. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 06/05/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • David Price, Sapper 137699. Royal Engineers. Died 01/06/16.
  • Stanley Price, Private 23084. Died 27/09/15 aged 29. Abbeville Communal Cemetery. Son of James and Sarah Ann Price, of Abersychan.
  • Arthur Stanley Rees, Private 7182. South Wales Borderers. Died 12/12/1916 aged 34. Trevethin (St Cadoc) Churchyard. Son of Mrs H Rees of 45 Hanbury Road, Pontnwynydd. Wounded in France in November 1914, discharged in February 1915.
  • Edward Rowlands, Private 36196. Welsh Regt. Died 25/05/15.
  • John Rowlands, Lance Corporal 15997. Welch Regt. Died 17/09/18. Vielle-Chapelle New Military Cemetery.
  • Charles Smith, Private 40663. York and Lancaster Regt. Died 27/11/17. Cambrai Memorial.
  • Albert Tinton, Colour Sergeant Major 4622. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Died 03/09/16. Wancourt British Cemetery.
  • Isaac Turner, Lance Corporal 1777. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 06/05/15. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
  • Ronald Watt, Private 17110. South Wales Borderers. Died 09/04/18. Ploegstreert Memorial.
  • James Robert Watts, Private 2458. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 12/03/15 aged 18  Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery. Son of Aldwyn and Sarah Watts, of 18, Belgrave Terrace, Griffithstown.
  • Ernest Weare, Lance Corporal 23534. South Wales Borderers. Died at home 20/09/15.
  • Herbert Henry Whittington, Private 265213. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 12/04/18 aged 23. Ploegstreert Memorial. Son of Herbert and Emma Whittington, of 27 Broad St, Griffithstown.
  • Harold Wigmore, Private 17117. South Wales Borderers. Died 13/08/17 aged 21. Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Son of Mrs SA Wigmore, of 26 Grove Place, Griffithstown.
  • Harry Williams, Private 1615. Monmouthshire Regt. Died 08/05/15 aged 18. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of Harry and Sarah Williams, of 129 Staffordshire Rd, Griffithstown.
  • Thomas J Williams, Driver 741128. Royal Field Artillery. Died 23/04/1917. Kantara War Memorial Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs J Williams of 12 St Matthew’s Rd, Cwm Fields, Pontypool.
  • Arthur Wilson, Private 13432. South Wales Borderers. Died 21/08/15. Helles Memorial.
  • Albert Yapp, Private 20410. South Wales Borderers. Died 10/07/16. Thiepval Memorial.

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